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Catalog floppy disk files.
File IDCCAT.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Catalog floppy disk files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CAT2DBF.PRG 2048 466 deflated
ERROR.FRM 1233 638 deflated
IDCCAT-C.EXE 15693 6695 deflated
IDCCAT-E.EXE 15310 6428 deflated
IDCCAT.DBF 1024 88 deflated
IDCCAT.DOC 17311 6760 deflated
README 3046 1337 deflated
VOLLBL.DBF 1024 71 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Some of the other fine programs from IDC

All the latest versions of these and others can be found
first on;
The SoftStone BBS 502-241-4109
24 Hours 7 Days a week
300 - 1200 Baud

These programs are provided by Gary Conway

Infinity Design Concepts
1052 Parkway Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40217


All of these programs are given into the Public Domain. They
may be used freely with the exception that all rights are reserved by the
author. These programs may not be used in any way, shape or form in commercial
activities without prior written consent of the author.

All files copyright (c) 1986,87 Infinity Design Concepts


If you find yourself using any of these files regularly, then please
consider a donation.

CGRAPHIC.COM- memory resident PrtSc function for Citoh 8510
NEC 8023 and Citoh 1550 printers, provides graphics

IDCKILL.EXE- deletes all files in all subdirectories that match
a user provided filespec mask. Ideal for use before
backing up a hard disk.

IDCLBL?.EXE- Several versions of a disk labelling program.
Citoh,Epson protocols supported.

IDCLOG.COM- Memory resident time logging facility. Keeps data
in a file and provides an ASCII file as well.

IDCTREE.COM- Interactive graphics tree utility. Allows creating,
removing, sub-directories.

SCRNGRID.BAS- Basic program that will print a grid for use when
encoding screen displays during program development.

IDCKEYS.ASM- Source code program for redefining keys with

YESNO.COM- Add ability to get user responses from within
batch files. Also print unprintable chars.

YESNO.ASM- Source code for YESNO.COM

FLOPPY.BAT- Format floppy disks without user intervention.
Give one command and continuously format drives
A: AND B: without ever hitting another key.
Also provides example usage of YESNO.COM

FREERAM.EXE- Shows Free RAM, Used RAM and Total RAM in your
system much faster than ChkDsk. This is not to
demean Chkdsk, because it is doing many more things.

SPACE.EXE- Shows Free , Used and Total Disk space available
on ALL disk drives that are on line IF they have
a diskette installed. If you have drives say
A thru E, but only had disks in B: and C:, then
A:,D:, and E: will be ignored.

SPACE.ASM- The 8088 source code to SPACE.EXE


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