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Execute a DOS command or run a program at a specific time.
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Execute a DOS command or run a program at a specific time.
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AT [8/26/87] Command Scheduler (c) 1987 Bill Frolik

Schedule a DOS command for execution at a specified time and date.

usage: AT [ ? | -num | [+]time [date] DOS command line ]

? shows currently scheduled events.
-num deletes item number from the schedule.
date is month and date, and may be specified in MM-DD, MM/DD or DD.MM
format. Note that a year may not be specified.
time is specified in hour and minutes, run together or optionally
separated by a colon. An 'am' or 'pm' may be appended to the
time string; a plus sign signifies time relative to the current time.

Scheduled commands are only issued when your system is waiting for you
to enter a DOS command at the current command level; any other activity
postpones command execution. And remember: the schedule goes away at
power-off or reboot.

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