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Slow down your computer from 1% to 99% of it base speed.
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Slow down your computer from 1% to 99% of it base speed.
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Contents of the MO'SLO.DOC file

Mo'Slo v.1.2
from Dr.David's Super Crispy Software
Copyright (c) David Perrell 1990,1993

Mo'Slo lets you to slow the speed of your computer to 1-99% of normal
in 1% increments. To use it, you supply the name of the program you
want to run slow as a commandline argument. Slowness is adjusted via a
command line switch. If the switch is not supplied, Mo'Slo slows your
computer to approximate a 4.77MHz PC/XT.

Mo'Slo doesn't check the environment for path statements. You must
give it the complete filename of the program to be run, including
extension (COM, EXE or BAT), and a path if the file isn't in the
current directory. (Since many games use other files to keep high
scores, background bitmaps, etc., it's best to switch to the directory
in which the game resides before running it.) You can also include
commandline arguments to the program being called.

To run at IBM PC/XT speed, enter:


To run at 8% normal speed, enter:

mo'slo /8

When you exit pcgame, you'll exit Mo'Slo, and normal speed will be
restored. (Mo'Slo doesn't affect the system clock -- it keeps on

Mo'Slo won't slow a computer below its ability to operate. For a
4.77MHz PC/XT, 5% is minimum. A 20MHz '386 will run (crawl) at 1%.

Mo'Slo without argument (or bad argument) gets you instructions.

Mo'Slo works under PC/MS-DOS versions 2.0 and higher.

Mo'Slo version 1.1 was posted on an L.A. BBS in 1990 in response to a
complaint about the impossibility of winning at Pinball on a '386-25.
Version 1.2 fixes a never-reported bug that could cause a crash or DOS
instability on exit, improves the accuracy of the PC-XT emulation
speed, and displays the % of normal speed to make it easier to adjust
to taste.


============================ LICENSE ================================

1. Mo'Slo 1.2 is provided free of charge for personal, private use.

2. Mo'Slo 1.2 may be freely distributed provided such distribution is
free of charge, this documentation is included, and the program and
documentation are unmodified in any way.

3. Distribution of Mo'Slo 1.2 for material gain or for promotional
purposes expected to result in material gain, including the
bundling of Mo'Slo 1.2 with other goods or services, requires a
distribution license.


Mo'Slo was written by David Perrell, who is also the sole copyright
holder. All rights not expressly granted remain the author's.

write: Dr.David's Super Crispy Software
23022 Hatteras Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

phone: (818) 884-7157 (voice/FAX)

CompuServe #: 71170,1701

===================== DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY ========================

Mo'Slo 1.2 is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied,
and the user assumes the entire risk of using it. The author will not
be liable for any incidental, consequential, indirect or similar
damages resulting from the use of this software. In no event will the
author's liability ever exceed the price paid for the license to use
the software, regardless of the nature of the claim.


IBM PC, XT are trademarks of International Business Machines
MS DOS is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation


Utilities available from Dr.David's Super Crispy Software:

REND2 -- Rename and/or move files and directories anywhere, combine
multi-level paths into one directory, move large directory
structures onto multiple floppy disks, move by date (before and
after), archive (on or off), file by file prompt, plus additional

DCOPY -- Like REND2 but copies instead of moves. Faster, more compact
and with more options than XCOPY.

DED -- Delete files or entire directories with one command. Delete
matching files throughout a subdirectory path. Date & attribute
filters, confirmation & zero-overwrite options, and more.

CATT -- Change file attributes or find files based on current
attributes and/or date range in one directory or complete paths.
Hide directories. Show file names, attributes, number of matching
files and combined size.

GO -- Give often-used pathnames descriptive names of up to 63
characters. Transfer to named subdirectories quickly, without
changing default drive manually. For names not in its list, GO works
like DOS's Change Directory command.

Waitfor -- Multi-purpose batch file utility. Read keystrokes, set
alarms, run programs or reboot at specified intervals, build batch
file menu systems and more.

Mo'Slo -- Run old games on fast machines. Auto-adjust to 4.77MHz
or manually to 1%-99% of normal speed in 1% increments.

KBSET -- Use in your AUTOEXEC or other batch file to set keyboard
typematic rates and turn the NumLock switch on/off.

MPATH -- Changes the default path (including drive). If the specified
subdirectory path doesn't exist, MPATH creates it.

AutoPark -- Auto-park read-write heads on up to 8 hard drives at
user-defined intervals. Less than 500 bytes TSR.

REND2 is $25. Other utilities are $20 each except KBSET, MPATH and
Mo'Slo, which are included FREE with any order. All 10 utilities with
printed manual are only $49.

And for desktop publishers:

PSqueezer(tm) -- reduces size of PostScript files containing downloaded
fonts 90% and more. PSqueezed files can print more than 67% faster.

PS*x(tm) Professional -- extracts any combination of pages and/or spot
color overlays from multi-page and/or multi-color PostScript files.

Call or write for brochure.

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