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Patch to update the help file for 4DOS 5.0B.
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Patch to update the help file for 4DOS 5.0B.
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Contents of the HELPPATB.DOC file

JP Software

4DOS 5.0 Help Text rev B Patch Documentation

December 2, 1993

Copyright 1988 - 1993, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved. Published by
JP Software Inc., P.O. Box 1470, E. Arlington, MA 02174 USA, (617)
646-3975. 4DOS is a registered trademark of JP Software Inc.

This file explains how to install the 4DOS 5.0 rev B help text patch.

To use the patch, you must have JP Software's PATCH.EXE program. This
program is in a separate file, PATCH.ZIP (on CompuServe) or 4DPATCH.ZIP (on
bulletin boards and the Internet).

To use this patch, copy the HELPPATB.RTP file to the directory where your
4DOS.HLP file for version 5.0 rev B is stored. This file is 431494 bytes
long and is dated 11-30-93 at 5:00 am. (If your help text file is dated
11-23-93, you have 4DOS 5.0 rev A. You should update to rev B before using
this patch file. To update, look for the file 4D50B.ZIP in the same
location where you found this patch file.)

Make sure JP Software's PATCH.EXE is in the same directory as 4DOS.HLP and
the HELPPATB.RTP patch file, or in a directory on your PATH, then enter the

patch helppatb

The patch update modifies your copy of the 4DOS 5.0 rev B help to include
an important caution about the DEL /Q command, and also removes the /X
switch which was incorrectly included in the DIR command documentation.

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