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Change/Display the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll, Ins, etc. keys.
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Change/Display the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll, Ins, etc. keys.
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Contents of the KEYSTATE.DOC file

01/16/89 Documentation for KEYSTATE.EXE
Copyright 1989 Precision Software Design


Keystate is a small utility program that will display or modify the current
settings of the 'toggle' keys on your computer. Toggle keys include:

Num Lock
Scroll Lock
Caps Lock

This utility was written by Michael Gerlicher of Precision Software Design,
on 01/16/89, for the public domain market. I encourage you to copy and
distribute this program as you wish, so long as both KEYSTATE.EXE and
KEYSTATE.DOC are kept together, in their unmodified form. Precision
Software Design will not be responsible for any losses incurred from the
use of this utility.There is no charge for the use of this program,
unless it is used in a commercial environment. Registration fee is $10
for commercial users.


To use KEYSTATE, type in KEYSTATE with the following parameters:

KEYSTATE [Nx] [Cx] [Sx] [Ix] [H] [D]

where 'x' is either '1' to toggle the key on, or '0' to toggle the key off.
'N' = Num Lock
'C' = Caps Lock
'S' = Scroll Lock
'I' = Insert
'H' = Show Help
'D' = Display status of all toggle keys

All parameters are optional, so use the ones that you need. They may also
be used in any order. Example:


Will turn Scroll Lock ON, Num Lock OFF, and then display the status of all
toggle keys.

NOTE: Some keyboards that have lights that indicate the status of some
or all of the toggle keys, may find that the lights will get
reversed with the use of this utility. This happens on PC's and
XT's only, as far as I know. The computer has no way of knowing
whether these lights are on or off, so there is no remedy that
I know of. There is no problem with 286 computers, since the
lights are activated by the computer.


This program may not be used in a commercial environment without a $10
registration fee, which also entitles you to free upgrades.

Please direct comments to the following address:

Precision Software Design
% Michael Gerlicher
20864 Deschutes Highway
Bend, OR 97701

(503) 389-3344
BBS (503) 389-5404 300-9600 24 hours

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