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Tips and Tricks for 4DOS - version 4.0 only. Very useful, it includes some terrific aliases and btm's.
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Tips and Tricks for 4DOS – version 4.0 only. Very useful, it includes some terrific aliases and btm’s.
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BUMP.BTM 2432 874 deflated
BUMP.DOC 5199 2105 deflated
DO.BTM 2944 762 deflated
DO.DOC 6528 2325 deflated
FRAC.BTM 1536 697 deflated
FROMDEC.BTM 1664 687 deflated
FROMDEC.DOC 2827 1275 deflated
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HMENU.DOC 6655 2065 deflated
NOLTR.DOC 2108 1074 deflated
README.DOC 1949 976 deflated
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Contents of the README.DOC file

4DOS Tips and Tricks
by Ray Tackett

The TNT package consists of several "sub"zip files, each organized around
a particular theme:

NOLTR.ZIP Shows how to be almost completely independent of drive letters.
On a system like mine, with twelve logical drives, nobody wants
to remember where everything is. You can also learn how to set
up your batch files so you don't have to edit them if you move
a directory from one logical drive to another.

AUTOEXEC.ZIP Shows some tricks for keeping your configuration under control.
Overlaps somewhat with NOLTR.ZIP.

DO.ZIP A single batch file to replace many of the little buggers you
can't quite manage to replace with aliases.

STRING.ZIP Shows several variations on a single string checking/manipulation

ALIAS.ZIP Shows some tricks with nested aliases and a way to keep your
PATH string minimal.

MISC.ZIP A few miscellaneous goodies that might spark your own ideas.

These tips and tricks are in the public domain. However, my ego would be
happier if appropriate credit were given when this material is distributed.

The intended audience is 4DOS users who are over the "beginner hump" and
are ready to explore the full power of 4DOS.

These tips and tricks are by no means complete or comprehensive. They are
intended as points of departure for your own ideas.

If you would like to contribute to a future release of 4DTNT, I can be
reached via CompuServe (76416,276) or via diskette at:

434 E. Woodlawn St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Contributed material will be placed in the public domain with appropriate
credit to the author.

4DOS is a trademark of JP Software, Inc.
CompuServe is a trademark of H&R Block Corporation
Any other trademarks found herein are the property of their respective owners.

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