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Show If and/or How Badly Your Files are Fragmented.
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Show If and/or How Badly Your Files are Fragmented.
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Contents of the FRAGS.DOC file

Frags is a program written by Neil Judell to determine which files on a disk
are fragmented and how badly they are fragmented.
It searches all files in all directories and subdirectories of a disk, and
reports which files (if any) are fragmented, and into how many pieces.
It also reports any fragmented directories.

Its main advantage over chkdsk is that it checks ALL files in ALL directories,
not just those in the default directory.

I have included source code a) for people who wish to modify the program,
b) for people, such as myself, who get nervous about trojans when using
downloaded software.

If you have any problems, please report them to:

Neil Judell
c/o Skantek Corporation
150 Mount Bethel Road
Warren, NJ 07060

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