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A RAM resident textfile viewer - it can turn any text file into a pop-up help screen.
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A RAM resident textfile viewer – it can turn any text file into a pop-up help screen.
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Ram-Man by Rob W. Smetana
and Pro~Formance


Ram-Man -- RAM resident MANuals using any text file.

Copyright (C) 1990, Rob W. Smetana All Rights Reserved

Ram-Man, Pro~Formance, P~F, and P-Screen are Trademarks
of Rob W. Smetana


Ram-Man is a RAM-resident (TSR) program to turn ANY text file
into a pop-up quick-reference guide (or manual).

* Pop up your text file while you're working in virtually any
text-based (not graphics) program.
* BROWSE through it.
* SEARCH, looking for a topic or phrase you're interested in.
* LOOK UP words, which we'll read directly from your screen!

We supply the RAM-resident "engine," you supply the text. Ram-
Man preserves DOS memory by keeping ONLY its engine in memory.
It displays your text from disk (hard or RAM disk recommended).

You can change which file you're viewing without unloading
Ram-Man. That means you load Ram-Man once, then change ref-
erence guides as your needs or the programs you use change.

Now, regardless of which text-based program you're using (or
even at the DOS prompt), you can have on-line, pop-up help
available -- at any time, at the press of a key.

* The complete, on-disk manual for a program you're using.
* A series of help screens or "Quick Reference Guides"
(eg., tips on using DOS, tips on using a program).
- You can display standard DOS text files, like those
you create using an editor or word processor.
- Or you can display special "screens" you create with
programs like our P-Screen Screen Designer.
* Appointment Calenders, To Do Lists. . . . etc.

Other features: ( = REGISTERED versions.)

* BROWSE through files -- line by line or page by page. And
you can jump to the top or bottom of small -or- huge text
files in 1/2 second or less.

* SEARCH for topics relevant to your needs.

* "LOOK UP" reads a word directly off your screen THEN
searches for it! BE SURE to read the section on Look Up for
uses (eg., Quick reference, spelling, thesaurus, quotations).

* UNLOAD Ram-Man and reclaim the memory it uses.

* RUN-TIME OPTIONS let you choose:
- The "hotkey" you want to use to call Ram-Man up.
- The size of the screen you want to use -- to let you
switch between 25, 43 or 50 row screens at will.
- The colors we use to display text.

These options help ensure that Ram-Man's hotkey, colors
and screen modes never conflict with the programs you use.


Warranty and Disclaimer .................. a

License, Distribution Requirements ....... b

Registering Ram-Man: ..................... c
Registering by mail

Distributing Ram-Man ..................... d

System Requirements, Running Ram-Man,
Calling it up, Unloading it From Memory. 1

Run-Time Options (registered users)

43-50 Line Displays .................... 2

Changing Ram-Man's "Hotkey" ............ 3

Changing Colors ........................ 5

Choosing a File to View, Changing Files ... 6

MAIN MENU, Browsing Through Files,
Searching ............................... 7

Look Up (a special form of Searching) ..... 8

Performance Hints, Compatibility,
Important Notes on Text Files .......... 9

Editing Limitations ....................... 10

Other Programs by Pro~Formance ............ i

Ordering Ram-Man and Our Other Programs ... iv


This product is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind.
The entire risk as to the results and performance of this pro-
duct is assumed by you. We warrant only that any disks we sent
you are free from physical and workmanship defects under normal
use and service for a period of 90 days from the date shipped.

Our entire liability, and your exclusive remedy, as to the disk,
shall be to, at our option, either (1) return the purchase price;
or, (2) replace disks which don't meet our limited warranty.
* Since you can try "user supported" versions of our programs
before ordering them, we offer no other warranty beyond that
stated here. We'll gladly replace defective disks. But no
refunds or credits can be issued.

Neither Pro~Formance nor RWS & Associates, nor any of their of-
ficers or employees shall be held responsible for: failures of
this product to satisfy any needs, damages due to using this
product, or any effects this program has on you, your business
or operations.

This product, its manual and any supporting materials may be
modified or changed from time to time. They may contain opera-
tional inaccuracies or typographical errors which may be cor-
rected by future versions, if any. Registered users may be
notified of available updates.


Ram-Man is NOT public domain or free software. It is distrib-
uted as "user-supported" software or "shareware."

Non-registered users of this software are granted a limited
license to "try out" the user-supported version, on a private,
non-commercial basis, for the express purpose of determining
whether it suits your needs. At the end of this trial period,
you must either register your copy or stop using it.

* Running Ram-Man 15-20 different times should allow you
to decide if it's going to be useful to you. Therefore
the "trial period" is set at 20 Ram-Man sessions.


WARNING: You MAY NOT use this program in any organization or
in the conduct of any business activity without a prior pur-
chase or license arrangement.

Ram-Man MAY NOT be distributed with any other product or
service without a prior license arrangement.


What does all this really mean? It's really very simple. Try
it. Then either pay for it, or stop using it.

* If you use this program, then you should pay for your copy.
Ram-Man is NOT free, and we're not giving away free copies.
We are giving you the chance to try it before you buy it.

* Paying for this software allows us to stay in business and
provide you with support, enhancements and updates. And : : :


You may register in two ways: 1) INSTANTLY by phone ($15 with
Visa or MasterCard); or, 2) by mail ($20).

* Instant registration ($15) converts the "user supported"
version into a fully registered version -- giving you
INSTANT access to Ram-Man's advanced features (see below).

- To register instantly, call us twice. On the first call,
give us your Visa or MasterCard number, along with your
name, address and phone number. After you call, we'll
verify the charge card information and add your name to
our list of registered users (to receive update notices).

- Before you call us back, run Ram-Man. (Be sure you run
it while you're logged onto the drive/directory which
contains the file called Ram-Man.Exe.)
-- When Ram-Man asks you to type in a number, DON'T.
-- Instead call us while that number is still visible on
your screen.
-- We'll give you a different number to type in -- one
which converts Ram-Man into a registered version.

* To register by MAIL and receive the latest version on disk,
send the registration form at end of this manual along your
name, address, suggestions and $20 (including $3 shipping) to:

Pro~Formance 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, Ca. 94117

+--WHEN YOU REGISTER : : :--------------------------------------+
| |
| |
| We appreciate the support and honesty of those who register. |
| To "say thanks" in return, when you register you receive |
| |
| 1. Ram-Man "+" with advanced features like : : : |
| |
| - "Look Up" to read words directly off your screen, |
| then search for them. |
| |
| - The option to change hotkeys as you run Ram-Man. |
| |
| - The option to change the colors we use to display text. |
| |
| - The option to use 43-50 line screens. |
| |
| 2. The latest version sent to you on disk (on request; +$5) |
| |
| 3. Phone support and more . . . |
| |


Bulletin board Sysops, clubs and shareware distributors may
copy and distribute shareware versions of Ram-Man, provided:

*** Your company name IS NOT: California Freeware ***
American Freeware
US Freeware
(or any other firm, group or association with "Freeware"
in its name, literature, ads, etc.), which companies are
PROHIBITED from distributing ANY products by Rob W. Smetana,
Pro~Formance, RWS & Associates or their officers, staff or

*** Your company or group DOES NOT include among its staff, ***
officers, associates, consultants, members, or directors
RONALD CHORDIGIAN, members of his family or his assigns.

*** Your ads, literature and company name DO NOT include: ***
"free software," "freeware," "free" or other such
terms which misrepresent "user-supported" software.

(1) It is distributed in completely unmodified form.

(2) You charge nothing other than a "disk distrubution fee"
of up to $8.00 to cover distribution and handling.

(3) You state YOUR fee is NOT payment or registration for
OUR software.

(4) You clearly encourage registration by stating that con-
inued use justifies sending contributions to the developer.

(5) You include all files mentioned in ReadMe.BAT including:
Ram-Man.Exe, Ram-Man.Doc, etc.



Ram-Man runs on IBM-compatible PCs, ATs, 386s, etc. It writes
"directly to the screen" (set up DESQview or Windows according-
ly). It displays "flat text files" -- standard DOS text files
with NO word processor formatting codes, and with each line end-
ing in a carriage return-line feed. See Compatibility/Limitations.

TO RUN Ram-Man

At the DOS prompt type: Ram-Man [options]
-or- loadhi Ram-Man [options]

( means press or )

1. See "Run-Time OPTIONS" for details on "options."

2. Ram-Man consumes about 27k bytes of memory. (Versions
you don't receive directly from us consume about 30k.)
- But, if you use QEMM, Qram, 386max, or similar
program, you can use "loadhi" to load Ram-Man into
"high" memory -- above DOS' normal 640k region.

- This means Ram-Man will take away no memory from
the programs you use.

CALLING UP Ram-Man -- Ram-Man's "Hotkey"

Once you've run Ram-Man, call it up by pressing Ctrl = (hold
down the Ctrl key, then press "=" -- the equal symbol). Ram-Man
pops up in text mode only (it beeps if you're in graphics mode).

1. See "OPTIONS" for tips on changing Ram-Man's "hotkey."

2. The first time you call up Ram-Man, we'll ask you
to enter the name of the file you want to display.


To unload Ram-Man and reclaim the memory it uses, at the DOS
prompt type: Ram-Man /u where "/u" means "unload."

You may be unable to unload Ram-Man if:
* You loaded Ram-Man into "high" memory using "loadhi."
* Or you loaded another RAM-resident program after Ram-Man.

In either case, try it. If we can't unload safely we'll tell
you. In this case, the only way to remove it is to re-boot.

2 Run-Time OPTIONS

(These options available to REGISTERED users.)

To choose options, run Ram-Man like this:

Ram-Man /s /h### /#

-or- loadhi Ram-Man /s /h### /#

^ ^ ^
| | |
| | |
43-50 line screens ----- | |
| |
Change Hotkey ------- |

Specify Colors ------

You may enter these options in any order. But there should
be at least one space separating them. There MUST be NO space
between "/" and the option, or between "/h" and "###."

USING 43 or 50 LINE SCREENS Ram-Man /s

If you plan to use 43 or 50 line screens, you might want to
start Ram-Man like this: Ram-Man /s .

* "/s" tells us you may be using screens with 43 or 50 lines.

* We'll set aside (ie., consume) an extra 4000 bytes of memory
to save and restore larger screens. And we'll then display
43 or 50 lines of text.

NOTE: Whenever you call it up, Ram-Man checks to see how many
lines are currently on your screen: 25, 43 or 50.

* If you're in 43 or 50 line mode AND you asked us to set
aside more memory, we'll display 43 or 50 lines of text.

* But if you did NOT ask us to set aside more memory, we'll
display 25 lines of text -- regardless of how many lines are
on your screen. That's because you didn't set aside the
extra memory we'd need to restore the underlying screen.

3 Run-Time OPTIONS (continued)


You can change Ram-Man's hotkey (Ctrl =) if it conflicts with
a program you're running, or if you just want to use a differ-
ent hotkey. To do so start Ram-Man like this: Ram-Man /h### .

* "/h" tells us you want to change hotkeys.

* Replace "###" with 3 (and ONLY 3) characters indicating
which keys you want to press. Note there must be NO space
between "/h" and "###."

A hotkey consists of two keys: the SHIFT key and the TRIGGER
key. By default, Ram-Man's hotkey is Ctrl =. The Shift key
("Ctrl" in this case) is the key you hold down. With Ctrl
held down, you then press the Trigger key: "=." If you change
hotkeys, you MUST specify both Shift AND Trigger keys.

Choose a hotkey by picking two numbers from Tables 1 and 2
below. Then combine them into "###."

The first character in "###" indicates the SHIFT key (the
key or keys you want to hold down). It must be 1-9 or A-F.

Table 1: Shift Key Codes

Enter: To Use:
------ -------------------------------------
1 .............. Right Shift
2 Left Shift
3 Right Shift - Left Shift
4 Ctrl
5 .............. Ctrl - Right Shift
6 Ctrl - Left Shift
7 Ctrl - Left Shift - Right Shift
8 Alt
9 Alt - Right Shift
A .............. Alt - Left Shift
B Alt - Left Shift - Right Shift
C Alt - Ctrl
D Alt - Ctrl - Right Shift
E Alt - Ctrl - Left Shift
F .............. Alt - Ctrl - Left Shift - Right Shift

4 Changing Hotkeys (continued)

The 2nd and 3rd characters in "###" indicate the TRIGGER key.
Numbers for most (but not all) keyboard keys are in Table 2
below (with the decimal equivalents of hexadecimal numbers).

REMEMBER: You must enter a 2-digit number for the Trigger key.
So, for numbers 1-8 you must enter "0#" not just "#".

Table 2: Trigger Key Codes
To Use: Space A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R

Enter: 57 30 48 46 32 18 33 34 35 23 36 37 38 50 49 24 25 16 19

To Use: S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ,

Enter: 31 20 22 47 17 45 21 44 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 51

To Use: . / \ = [ ] F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12

Enter: 52 53 40 13 26 27 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 87 88



We want to use this Hotkey. So we run Ram-Man like this:
--------------------------- -----------------------------------

Alt 1 Ram-Man /h802 (8 = Alt, 02 = 1)
Ctrl F10 Ram-Man /h468 (4 = Ctrl, 68 = F10)
Alt - Left Shift Space Ram-Man /hA57 (A = Alt-Left Shift,
57 = Space)



To specify the colors used to display text, type: Ram-Man /#

Where: "#" is a number from 1 to 127 indicating BOTH foreground
AND background colors. Use the charts below to choose #.

NOTE: It's easy to try a color, unload Ram-Man, then try another:
Ram-Man /# (replace "#" with your color number)
Ram-Man /u (unload it from memory--after trying it)
Ram-Man /# (try a different color)

Step 1: Choose a Foreground Color

CGA, EGA or VGA monitors can display 16 colors numbered 0 - 15.
Choose a foreground color from this list:

Foreground (FG) Colors
Black Blue Green Cyan Red Magenta Yellow White
Normal 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Bright 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Step 2: Choose a Background (BG) Color, then Calculate "#"

From the left column of the table below choose a background color.
Then follow the instructions on the right to calculate "#."

For this
Color: Use a # from: To figure out the right number:
========== ============= ===================================

Black 1 - 15 Just use the Foreground # you chose.

Blue 16 - 31 Add 16 to the Foreground number.
Green 32 - 47 " 32 " " " "
Cyan 48 - 63 " 48 " " " "
Red 64 - 79 " 64 " " " "
Magenta 80 - 95 " 80 " " " "
Yellow 96 - 111 " 96 " " " "
White 112 - 127 " 112 " " " "

Examples: (FG + ?? = #)
Normal White on Blue: ram-man /23 ( 7 + 16 = 23)

Bright Cyan on Blue: ram-man /27 (11 + 16 = 27)

Bright White on Red: ram-man /79 (15 + 64 = 79)

Black on White: ram-man /112 ( 0 + 112 = 112)


(Be sure to read PERFORMANCE TIPS)

The first time you call up Ram-Man (ie., you press "Ctrl =" or
the hotkey you choose), we'll ask which file you want to review.

* We'll display the drive/directory you're on ("current path").

* Just enter the name of the file you want to review. See

It's important that you enter the COMPLETE PATH to the text
file you want to review: the Drive, Directory and file name.
Do this even if your file is on the current path when you first
call Ram-Man up.

* If you enter ONLY a file name, and then change drives or
directories, Ram-Man will look for your file on the drive/
directory you're NOW on. Your file won't be there!

* But if you enter the complete path, you'll be able to
change drives or directories to run your programs and
Ram-Man will know where your reference guide is.

Obviously you should leave your text file on the drive/direc-
tory you specified for as long as you want to review it. If
you specify a removable disk (eg., floppy or Bernoulli disk),
and then remove that disk, when you next call Ram-Man up, it
won't be able to find your file. An error message will appear.


Once you've called up Ram-Man, you can change the file you're
viewing. In other words, load Ram-Man just once; then, as
your needs change, ask it to display a different file.

Press Ram-Man's hotkey to call it up. Then press Alt - N (New
file). Ram-Man displays the "current path" -- the name of
the file you're viewing along with it's drive and directory.

* Edit (type over) the name shown to reflect the new path.



When you press Ram-Man's hotkey, we'll display the last page
you were viewing (the first page the first time you call us up.)

Your options (Main Menu) are shown at the bottom of your screen:

Up/Down PgUp/PgDn Home/End = Browse Esc = Quit

Alt-S = Search Alt-L = Look Up Alt-N = New File

* Press ESC to exit and return to your application or DOS.
* Press Alt-N (New File) to review a different text file.
* Press Alt-S to search for something (see SEARCHING).
* Press Alt-L to look up a word on your screen (see LOOKUP).

To browse through files: To move:
------------------------- --------------------------------
Press Up/Down cursor keys Up or down a line

Press PgUp/PgDn Up or down a page

Press Home/End To the top or bottom of the file


Press Alt - S (Search) to search for a word -or- phrase. Enter
up to about 22 characters; then press . (See LIMITATIONS:
EDITING). Ram-Man searches forward, starting wherever you are
down through the end of the file. This lets you continue
searching for multiple occurrences of the same phrase.
Searches are "case-insensitive" -- comparisons are made on
capitalized text/search phrases.

Messages (Which appear on the bottom line of your screen):

* While it's looking, Ram-Man displays "Searching Esc = Quit."
Press Esc to cancel the search.

* If Ram-Man finds your phrase:
- Your phrase will appear on the TOP 1-2 lines of your screen.
- Ram-Man displays "[Enter] = Find Next" on the bottom line.
That means press Enter () to tell Ram-Man to look for
the next occurrence of your search phrase.
-- Press ESC to quit searching.
-- Press cursor pad keys to browse up or down.

* If Ram-Man can't find your phrase, it displays "<>."
- Remember, we search forward (down). Your phrase might be
above where you started. To find out, you can press Home
(move to the top of the file), then press Alt - S again.


Lookup, available to registered users, is a special case of
search. But instead of asking you to type in a word or phrase,
we'll read a word off your screen!


Because of the Lookup feature, Ram-Man can be used for many
things other than just viewing text files:

* A dictionary, thesaurus or terminology refererence guide.
* A guide to hachneyed or poor terms or phrases, with sugges-
tions on how to correct them.
* Phone, office, apartment or building directories.
* Quotations, author references, etc. . . .

To use Lookup:

* BEFORE you call up Ram-Man, move the cursor so it's on any
letter in a word (or on a Space, not punctuation, immedi-
ately after a word).

* Press Ram-Man's hotkey to call it up. Now press Alt-L (Lookup).

- Ram-Man re-displays the underlying screen, reads a "word"
off the screen, then searches the file for that word.

- While searching, Ram-Man displays the messages discussed
above under Searching. Please refer back a page.


* Lookup is designed to find "words" -- a group of letters
surrounded by a space, punctuation, parentheses, etc. (but
not phrases or numbers). Words CAN include characters used
in French, Spanish, German, Italian languages.

- When you press Alt-L, Ram-Man searches the screen back-
wards looking for the "beginning" of the word: a space,
parenthesis, hyphen, etc. or the left side of your screen.

- When it finds the beginning of a word, it reads forward,
again until it finds a space, hyphen, punctuation, etc.

- If Ram-Man finds no "word," it prints an error message
then returns to your file.

* As with Search, Lookup scans forward from wherever you are
in the file. If the word is above where you are, we won't
find it. If this happens, press Home, then press Alt - L


Keep your text file on the f-a-s-t-e-s-t disk drive possible.

* Since we display text from disk, the speed of the disk
drive greatly affects how quickly we can display text.

* Text files displayed off of RAM disks give you the great-
est speed. Hard disks are fine. Floppy disks can be 10
times SLOWER than hard or RAM disks!

* Even if you don't normally use RAM disks, we urge you to
create one to store your text files.


As with all RAM-resident (TSR) programs, until you're certain
they work with a specific application, always save your work
before calling them up.

Ram-Man won't pop up if you're PC is in graphics mode (it just
beeps). Other than that, we haven't found any applications yet
with which Ram-Man is incompatible (though there may be some).
It works fine with Microsoft products like Word and QuickBASIC
which often prefer to control the PC. (In QuickBASIC, you'll
sometimes only be able to page down.) Please let us know which
programs Ram-Man: 1. works with; and, 2. conflicts with.

TEXT FILES (Important!)

Ram-Man is designed to work with plain-vanilla, DOS text files.

* To see if a file is compatible, at the DOS prompt type:
"type filename ." If you can read the text, if it
looks formatted properly, and if you see no strange looking
characters, Ram-Man should be able to display it.

- Ram-Man will display "low and high ASCII characters" --
like those often used to create boxes, lines and shading.
Ram-Man won't expand tabs (it displays a squarish oval).

- NEVER display a "binary" file (often with extensions of
".exe," ".com," ".ovl" or ".bin"). Doing so will almost
certainly crash both Ram-Man and your underlying applica-
tion. You'll probably have to re-boot your PC.

* Text files should have no word processor formatting codes.
And each line MUST end in a carriage return-line feed (CR-LF).
This is critical since we scan for these to figure out where
lines begin and end. Files created with word wrap on often
have no CR-LF at the end of each line.

* Ram-Man displays 80 columns of text, truncating longer lines.


By design, Ram-Man's editing features are limited -- to keep
memory requirements to a minimum. For example, when entering
a search phrase or the name of a file to view:

* Backspace and cursor keys move the cursor but won't erase.
To erase text, you have press the space bar or type over
it. Home and End keys do nothing.

* Similarly, Esc won't cancel the edit. If you begin enter-
ring something and then change your mind, you can "space
over" what you typed in then press , or just press .

- If you started a Search and your search phrase is blank,
Ram-Man just returns to browse mode. But if you entered
ANYTHING and then press , Ram-Man will begin the
search. Press Esc to cancel it.

- If you were entering a file name, if the name is blank or
Ram-Man can't find the file, it'll ask you if you want to
re-try or quit. Press Esc to quit.

i Other Programs by Pro~Formance

(Call or write for details)

Professional Scribe (Pro~Scribe) PS Express (PSE)

Pro~Scribe and PSE help you improve anything you write (or help
you improve the writing of others -- your staff, students, etc.)

Pro~Scribe/PSE are used in many companies (like IBM, Hewlett
Packard, Lockheed, Citibank, Mobil Oil, Bank of America) to help
improve memos, letters, manuals, documentation, contracts,
promotional material, etc.
* They examine your writing for many types of writing mistakes.
* You can look at overall results for an entire letter, report,
etc. Or, if you like, they'll look at your writing line-by-line.
* They show suspect problems, and offer suggestions.
* Results are shown numerically, and with several colorful graphs.
* They come with two manuals (in addition to a Quick Ref. Guide)
- One covers basics: To install/run PS, and basic guidelines.
- "Effective, High-Impact Writing" has more writing tips.
* They're colorful, fast, fun, and a terrific value: $39 for both!

How are Pro~Scribe and PSE different? First, PS Express is a
RAM-resident program. That means it's always ready to help
when you need help most -- while you're actually writing. Run
PSE, then run your word processor and start writing. When you
need help, just press a key.
* When PSE pops up, just mark the text you want PSE to look at.
A window pops up instantly with feedback on your writing.
* PSE is like having an English teacher looking over your
shoulder, gently coaching you as you write.

Pro~Scribe gives you everything PSE does, and much, much more.
It reads files saved by your word processor, or you can type
text directly into PS. Like PSE, Pro~Scribe shows how complex
your writing, words and sentences are. It also offers you:
* Feedback on "Word Wasters" (5 categories of writing errors).
* Three RGL (Running Grade Level) options, giving you line-by-
line feedback.
* An option to flag complex words and Word Wasters in each line.
* A Personal Interest score--showing if you write as you speak.
* Options to: customize the program, print results on your
printer, get help interpreting results.

Other Programs by Pro~Formance (continued)

Mail Call (also see P~F Form below) MC Express (MCE)

Mail Call (MC) is a full featured mailing assistant. Add names
to a database, then Browse through them, Search, Print, etc.
* Print envelopes (several sizes)
* Print mailing labels (several sizes plus a "roll-your-own-size"
option). 1 to 99 copies of each label, 1 to 3 columns across
* Print "personalized documents" (like "mail merge form letters")
* Print reports, phone books, appointment schedules, etc.

Mail Call offers UNlimited capacity -- use as many database files
as you want. And its "Mail Merge" option lets you Import or Export
names to files used by word processors or other database programs.

MC Express is a "RAM-resident" program that lets you: 1) print
envelopes while INSIDE your word processor; and, 2) lets you
"write out" names and addresses to a file you can later "import"
into MC (no re-typing). (Optional; works with HP LaserJets)

P~F Form (see Mail Call) Form Design (PFD), Form Master (PFM)

Form Design and Form Master are a complete form system: design,
math, printing, database and "auto-edit" features are all built in.

Design, edit and print forms with P~F Form Design. (samples included)
* Draw lines or boxes, or add shading, in several styles
* Enter text, auto-centered inside boxes if you like
* Automatically date your forms
* Math options (+-/*) add spreadsheet convenience, speed & accuracy
* Quick, easy block options: Copy, Move, Erase, Shading
* Vary fonts, type styles, line spacing

Then use PFD or PFM to fill out forms. Or let PFM do it for you!
* "Auto-Edit" lets you quickly skip through a form, editing
just fields you "marked." On order forms, for example:
Quantity, Description, Price per Unit. Use Math for Tax & Total.
* Use PFM to fill in other information for you -- pulling names,
addresses, etc. from your database, putting them right where
you want them.

Produce high-quality, professional looking forms in minutes with
Epson printers or HP LaserJets (+/500/Series II or later). And
you DON'T need expensive font cartridges or soft fonts for lines,
boxes, shading, etc. We use built-in features for these. "But,
I don't have a LaserJet or an Epson" you say. Not to worry. PF
Form has two other printer options so it works with any printer.

Finally, PFD/PFM work with the same database files as Mail Call --
letting you manage most every piece of paper in your office.
Forms: Invoices, Purchase Orders, Personnel Forms, Work
Orders, Work Schedules, Travel or Expense Reports,
Accounting Forms, Application Blanks, Org. Charts
As Well As: Letters, Memos, Envelopes, Mailing Labels, Person-
alized Documents, Reports, Client or Employee lists.

Other Programs by Pro~Formance (continued)

P~F Presents
P~F Presents is a DESKTOP PRESENTATION system with 2 programs:
P-Screen and PFP.

With P-Screen you: (The next page has more on P-Screen)
* Design screens (or "slides").
* Save screens in libraries (or print them or save as Ascii files)

With PFP you:
* Create presentation agendas ("slide shows") which can include:
- Menus which "branch" to various parts of your presentation,
depending on the option your viewer selects.
- Timed slides (PFP pauses, then automatically shows the next)
- Special effects: sound and display effects, loops, etc.
* Display your presentations, or let others do it by themselves.
A "use monochrome" option lets you display presentations on
virtually any monitor. One set of slides fits all monitors!
* Display "Text" slides (ANY monitor) or "Graphics" or Both!

* Sales presentations * Management/Staff briefings
* Training programs * Tutorials or Demos
* Meetings * Highlight product information
* Highlight investment opportunities * Advertise on disk
* Customer information * Tourist guides
* Restaurant guides * Directories (Names, phone #s)
And on and on and . . .

The Survey Catalyst (TSC; a commercial program, not shareware)

The Survey Catalyst is for anyone who works with attitude or opinion
surveys. It helps you create surveys in minutes or hours--not days!
* TSC includes a database of thousands of survey items--like
items used in most Fortune 1000 companies' employee surveys.
- You can review items, edit them or add new ones.
- OR, when you see an item you want to add to a survey, just
press a key and add it--fast and simple.
* And TSC's many printing options let you create "camera-ready" copy
- Group items by Category, by Response Scale, or Randomize them.
- Print response scales Above or Beside items (or not at all).
- Print key punch instructions (or not at all)
- Print a title--at the top or bottom of each page.
- Or, print your survey "to a file"--to dress it up later.

Other Programs by Pro~Formance (continued)

Pro~Stamp Stamp Collection Manager

Pro~Stamp is a full-featured assistant to manage stamp collections.

* Pro~Stamp is very easy to use: Pull-down menus, Extensive
Help Screens, Calculations done for you, Select "Type" &
"Condition" from menus.
* Add information to "worksheets." They're set up like most
popular collectors' manuals (eg., Scott). But we add
"spreadsheet" convenience by doing calculations for you!
* Track small to huge stamp collections, with ease and convenience
* Multiple file options add flexibility. Use different work-
sheets for different subsets of your collection.
* Spreadsheet convenience: Automatically calculates values of
each stamp and its Increase/Decrease in value. Calculate the
value of your entire collection with a press of a key.
* Sort your collection on any of several fields (Scott Number,
Country, Value, Type, etc).
* Print entire worksheets, or print a range you specify.
* Customizable: Configure fields your way, edit printer codes.


This order form has TWO PAGES : : :

* This page (when folded) becomes your "envelope."
The next page is the actual order form.

* You can : : :
- Print 1 page then turn the paper over & print page #2 on the back.
- Print them on separate pages. If you use continuous-feed paper,
you can print both pages at once, then just fold them together.

* BE SURE to enclose the other page INSIDE this one.

Be sure your check or money order, if appropriate, is
enclosed and securely attached (stapled or taped).

---------------------------- Fold here 1st ----------------------------

From: -------
__________________________ Here



Rob W. Smetana
132 Alpine Terrace
Programs ordered: ____________________ San Francisco, CA 94117



---------------------------- Fold here 2nd ----------------------------

t t
a We warrant the disks we sent you, if any, to be free from physical a
p defects for a period of 30 days from the date we ship them. p
e e
Since you can try "user supported" versions of our programs before
or ordering them, we offer no other warranty beyond that stated herein. or
We'll gladly replace defective disks. But no refunds or credits s
s can be issued. t
t a
a Where did you get your copy of our program? ______________________ p
p My Computer's a:_________________ My Printer's a:________________ l
l My Monitor is: (circle 1) Mono / CGA / EGA / VGA / Herc / Other e
(Please use the other side for comments & suggestions. Thanks!)
<<< Tape or Staple Here >>>

T O O R D E R : : : (Please include page above)

F _________________________________________ M Rob W. Smetana
R _________________________________________ A T 132 Alpine Terrace
San Francisco, CA 94117
O _________________________________________ I O (415) 863-0530

M _________________________________________ L Make checks payable to::
Rob W. Smetana
Phone ( ) ______-________ Date ___/___/___

(Credit Card Orders: CALL for fastest delivery. Name MUST be one on card.)

================================================================= RM 2.3==
Program # of Copies Price/Copy Total
P~F Form (PFD and PFM) _______ $49 $ ______
Mail Call (Without MCE/ With MCE) _______ $40 / $49 $ ______
Pro~Scribe & PS Express _______ $39 $ ______
P~F Presents (With Copyright / Without) _______ $49 / $79 $ ______
P-Screen "+" / P-Screen Professional _______ $29 / $49 $ ______
Pro~Stamp Stamp Collection Manager _______ $29 $ ______
Ram-Man (pop-up quick reference guides) _______ $17 $ ______
The Survey Catalyst (TSC)/TSC Demo Disk _______ $595 / $15 $ ______
Protege (Specify Age Range: ________ ) _______ $25 $ ______
PACKAGE DISCOUNTS (Call about quantity discounts and site licenses)
Mail Call & P~F Form (+ $4 s/h) _______ $79 $ ______

P-Screen Pro & P~F Presents (+ $4 s/h) _______ $79 $ ______
-- Without our introductory copyright _______ $109 $ ______

The Works! 1 of each (exc. TSC, +$10 s/h)______ $199 $ ______
Shipping & Handling $3/copy (US/Canada)
Total Number of Programs ----->> ____ $8/copy (Elsewhere) $_____
Orders from OUTSIDE the US: | Subtotal $ ______
- US Funds Only! | Calif. residents, add 6.5% tax $ ______
- International Money Orders, |
or checks drawn on US banks | TOTAL $ ______

THE FOLLOWING IS REQUIRED for credit card orders (we can't proceed w/o it).

Credit Card Number: ___________________________ Expires: ___/___/___

Signature (Required for credit card orders): ___________________________

BE SURE name at top is as it appears on your card & you check Visa or MC.

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