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Converts, formats, and manipulates diskettes in over 100 CP/M 2.2 formats.
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Converts, formats, and manipulates diskettes in over 100 CP/M 2.2 formats.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
22DINST.EXE 23427 13585 deflated
22DISK.DOC 66415 19278 deflated
CDIR.EXE 26249 16284 deflated
CERA.EXE 26133 16169 deflated
CFMT.EXE 25935 15912 deflated
CMENU.EXE 26559 15302 deflated
CPM-TYPE.LST 13516 3173 deflated
CPMDISKS.DEF 35281 5430 deflated
CRCHECK.EXE 5084 3492 deflated
CTOD.EXE 30267 18159 deflated
CTYPE.EXE 25807 16005 deflated
DPB.ASM 5284 1802 deflated
DTOC.EXE 28485 17374 deflated
GENINDEX.EXE 14455 9061 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1694 543 deflated
READ.ME 4722 1874 deflated
STRIPIDX.EXE 11237 7328 deflated
WHATS.NEW 1762 919 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

22DISK Version 1.39

Distribution Information

March, 1992

22DISK is a set of programs to copy, format, display and manipulate
diskettes written on CP/M systems. Over 100 definitions are provided
with the unregistered version; some 320 are provided with the registered

This file was distributed as 22DSK139.ZIP by Sydex. Authentic Validation
(-AV) should show that Sydex, Inc. was the originator. If, for any reason,
PKWare's .ZIP format is unsuitable, please use a file name of 22DSK139.
Thus, if you use SEA's ARC program, the file name would be 22DSK139.ARC.

CPM-TYPE.LST is an ASCII file listing all diskette formats now supported
by 22DISK in its registered form. 22DISK.DOC is the documentation for
22DISK, and can be printed by:


About 32 pages result.

This archive contains the following files:

CRC Checker, Copyright 1988, Sydex. All rights reserved

==== === ====== ====
22DINST.EXE 60399 23427 9/ 3/92
CDIR.EXE 10534 26249 9/ 3/92
CERA.EXE 54441 26133 9/ 3/92
CRCHECK.EXE 34996 5084 9/ 3/92
CFMT.EXE 545 25935 9/ 3/92
CTOD.EXE 18896 30267 9/ 3/92
CTYPE.EXE 10761 25807 9/ 3/92
DTOC.EXE 12447 28485 9/ 3/92
GENINDEX.EXE 63459 14455 9/ 3/92
STRIPIDX.EXE 41517 11237 9/ 3/92
CPMDISKS.DEF 4873 35281 9/ 3/92
CMENU.EXE 57816 26559 9/ 3/92
WHATS.NEW 17671 1762 9/ 3/92
DPB.ASM 7860 5284 9/ 3/92
CPM-TYPE.LST 30087 13516 9/ 3/92
22DISK.DOC 23649 66415 9/ 3/92
ORDER.FRM 5182 1694 9/ 3/92

READ.ME (The file you're reading here)

The CRC's are a check of the integrity of the files contained here and
should be verified by executing the following:


If the CRC's and lengths match with the list above, you may be fairly
certain that you have received the files intact.

Another archive contains the documentation for 22DISK. This file is
usually called 22DSKDOC. You can print the 22DISK documentation with
the following DOS command:


Or you can view it with:


Approximately 22 printed pages result. You should also read or print the
file WHATS.NEW to get the latest information on what updates and changes
have been incorporated into 22DISK.



If you're already a registered user of 22DISK and you want an update to
the latest version, we'll be happy to oblige. Please submit $5.00 with
your request to cover our costs of materials and postage. If you also
want an updated printed copy of the documentation, please enclose an
additional $5.00 to cover our costs of duplication and postage.

Or, you can call our BBS at (503) 683-1385. Be sure to have your 5-digit
invoice number and your zip code. These are required for update validation.


Your support of this product makes continued development possible. We
schedule our development work by the response we receive from a product.
By registering, you're letting us know that this product is important to

All products and documentation here are

Copyright 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405
Voice: (503) 683-6033
FAX: (503) 683-1622
Data: (503) 683-1385

and may not be sold or licensed without the express permission of Sydex.
Consult the 22DISK documentation for Shareware redistribution terms.

Distribution of this product MUST include all files contained herein.

Modification, addition, or deletion of any file or document or any part
thereof is prohibited and will be subject to prosecution under United
States and/or International copyright laws.

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