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Choose which BAT file to boot with!.
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Choose which BAT file to boot with!.
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Contents of the AUTOEXEC.DOC file

V 2.3
General Elecrtonics
P O Box 79
Lyons, IL 60534
312-447-2797 voice
312-447-8175 BBS


The purpose of this program is to allow you to have many AUTOEXEC files
and to be able to use any one of them without the hassle of renaming and
then re-booting the system to use it. It also allows for un-attended
operation by allowing you 15 seconds to select a file or default to
a specific one if you are not there or want the DEFAULT.

The process to use this utility is to create an AUTOEXEC file for each
different function you require. An example is one that contains LAN
startups, one without LAN's, another with a different PATH, or just about
anything else that requires a different AUTOEXEC at startup.

The way this is done is to make up the AUTOEXEC bat files using different
extentions. You can use anything you want to describe the function it
will perform. The only restriction is that it can not have an extention
of EXE, COM, or BAT. The DEFAULT file extention is .ONE
If you do nothing at BOOT time, the system will COPY AUTOEXEC.ONE to
DEFAULT.BAT and then transfer control to DEFAULT.BAT.

If you press ANY KEY before the 15 second limit, you will be asked for
the EXTENTION of the AUTOEXEC file you want to use. For example, if you
wanted to startup without loading the LAN software, you might have the
file named AUTOEXEC.NLN so at the prompt, you would reply NLN

The file is then COPIED to DEFAULT.BAT and then run. If you specify an
extention that does not exist, the system will just insert a blank line
in DEFAULT.BAT. The result will be as if you did not have an
AUTOEXEC.BAT file except that you will not get any prompt for DATE or

Files used;



@ECHO OFF optional
AUTOEXEC.EXE this program
DEFAULT.BAT BAT file created by this program


contains anything that you want in a startup bat file
for ease of use, the ??? should indicate its use
such as NLN for no LAN, TAP for tape backup, etc.


This file contains the startup file that you want to use as
a default that will run if you do nothing.

Now the normal registration pitch.

This program is distributed as TRIALWARE. It is not Public Domain, or

TRIALWARE is copyright by General Electronics, and refers to software that
is made available for TRIAL without cost. After 2 weeks of continued use
registration is REQUIRED. If it is worth continued use, it is worth the
small fee requested.

This is not a real biggie in the way software goes but it did take quite
a bit of time to get it right and it is handy.
If you find it of value and continue to use it, Please register it.
Suggested registration is $5. Again no biggie. Suggestions from
registered users will be considered. Suggestions from non-registered
users will be put in the round file for future reference.....

Registered users will get access on a private number into the
RIVERSIDE PREMIUM BBS. This system consists of 4 nodes with over 500 meg
running PCBoard and using US Robotics HST 9600 baud modems. It is
available thru the PCPursuits network node ILCHI.

If you do not feel it is worth the $5, then please delete it and write
one yourself. See if you can do it for that amount. Be sure to count
your time as well as the cost of the machine, and compiler.

Thanks for your support.

Don Marquardt
P O Box 79
Lyons, IL 60534

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