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This program will inform you what type of file you have.
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This program will inform you what type of file you have.
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Contents of the WHATIS.DOC file

Whatis! (C)1990 A.Thomas

This program has come about for two reasons: First, I have been trying to
learn C, and needed something simple to start with. Second, I have files
laying around on disk that I don't know what they are. One of the great
features of Onix BBS is the email system that lets you attach a file to a
message and send it to another user. Unfortunatly if the sender forgets to tell
you what kind of file they sent you're stuck with guessing. (or doing a hexdump)
This is a quick and easy way to tell you if it is one of several formats.
type whatis and the Automaticly locating file identifying encoding
(whatis) can tell you if it is one of the more popular formats. This is not 100%
accurate all the time. Like .com files have different styles. Whatis will
make a guess if it comes close to a format it knows or tell you it is of
unknown origin.

This program is provided "AS IS." with no warranties expressed or implied as
to the fitness, performance, and/or merchantability of the software and/or
related documentation.

Besides all that mumbo jumbo..

This program, like our other programs, is "Opinionware". Sending your opinion
of the program will make you a registered user. If you find this program
useful and enjoyable, then a contribution would be a very powerful opinion!
It would also put you on our mailing list.
A. Thomas
4420 Fleming Street
Philadelphia, PA

About our little company.

AT:SS is a small group of people sponsored by a fantastic Philadelphia BBS
called ONIX. This is a 16 line board supporting 300 to 9600 baud with a file
library of 8000+ PD and shareware files for all computers. ONIX can be reached
at (215)896-9020 for 300/1200 baud and (215)896-9025 for 2400/9600 baud.
Thanks to the people that make up AT:SS. Gman, the guy that uploads and
markets our software all over the galaxy. Getch, the brains 😉 Starr, my
(well, you know what you are 😉 thanks all,
Alfie Thomas

P.S. Another dumb P.S down the drain!

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