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Speed your PC up to 5% by altering the machine's RAM refresh rate. ASM source is included.
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Speed your PC up to 5% by altering the machine’s RAM refresh rate. ASM source is included.
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Contents of the SPEEDER.DOC file

System Speedup Utility

Public Domain
Thomas G Hanlin III

This utility changes the rate at which the DMA refreshes your RAM.
It allows you to speed up your system by lowering the refresh rate,
thereby giving the CPU more time to work. You can also return the refresh
rate to the old value, in order to resume normal speed.

You can expect a speed increase of around 5% on the average PC. This
will differ on other machines. The speed increase isn't vast, but every
little bit counts.

WARNING! This speedup may not work on all machines. I don't
guarantee that it will work on your computer. Work on a few nonessential
programs for a while after you first try SPEEDER, so you can see if it
works properly on your PC. I will take no responsibility for any problems
it may cause you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (I've had no trouble, though)

The SPEEDER utility is based on "DMA Control on the PC" by Larry
Fogg, in Micro Cornucopia of Sept/Oct 1987, p.26.


SPEEDER + speeds up your machine
SPEEDER - returns you to normal speed
SPEEDER gives brief information about the program

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