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Utilitiy to modify/display floppy sectors.
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Utilitiy to modify/display floppy sectors.
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Supplementary Instructions For Ultra-Optimize

Note: These instructions are for version 1.00 (No serial number) and
will be updated on 02/01/1984 as part of the Ultra-Mind manual. You
should send for version 2.00 of Library #2 of The Ultra Utilties
>>>AFTER<<< 02/01/84.

Ultra-Optimize is used with a BASIC program saved in ASCII format
(using the SAVE "FILESPEC.BAS",A syntax). It removes unnecessary
line numbers so that the /N switch can be used with the BASIC
compiler to produce smaller and more efficient object code.

Since an optimized file cannot be loaded by the BASIC interpreter,
all debugging and trial compilations should be done on the
un-optimized file. The optimized file will operate exactly like the
un-optimized version, except of course in many cases it will execute
must faster and require less disk space.

Ultra-Optimize will execute slightly faster if you request that it
not display line numbers during operation. We generally name the
optimized file with the same filespec, but an extension of .CMP to
designate that it is for the compiler only.

Hope you find use for this utility. Don't forget to contact us for
Library #1 programs if you haven't done so already. Either Library
#1 (Ultra-Zap, Ultra-Format, and Ultra-File) or Library #2
(Ultra-Mind and Ultra-Optimize) can be ordered by sending one
double-sided or two single-sided diskettes formatted 8 sectors per
track (DOS 1.10 style), and a self-addressed, postage-paid return
mailer to: The FreeSoft Company, P.O. Box 27608, St. Louis, MO 63146.
Don't forget to specify which library you want.

Wat Buchanon, President
The FreeSoft Company

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