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Copies files onto floppy disks in the most space-efficient manner.
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Copies files onto floppy disks in the most space-efficient manner.
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Is a floppy collection with NO WASTED SPACE as appealing to you as a
date with Madonna? Does it gall you to stash floppies with 1 or 2
unused kilobytes? Do you hate splitting files or using slow backup
programs? In other words, are you a paranoid, anal-retentive,
perfectionist? If so, DFILL is the program for you!

Yes, DFILL. Faster than a speeding billet, stronger than a loco
motive, able to fill big floppies in a single bound.


~~If you really love this wonderful program and if you have plenty of
money for Big Macs (the food kind) and other essentials, please make a
donation to either the American Cancer Society. You will then:
1) feel good inside; 2) be an officially registered user of DFILL.


USAGE: DFILL [dest] { -f -d[path] }

where [dest] is the destination drive -- any letter from a: to z:
-f creates FILES.LST with the filenames found
-d[path] specifies a path for the source files

Type DFILL with no parameters for an explanation of these options.


DFILL b: -f -de:\gifs\*.*

will determine which files from e:\gifs will best fill the b: drive.
It will write the names of these files to FILES.LST in the default


DFILL is a no-frills utility that can ensure maximal usage of
space on floppy disks. It will work on hard drives, too, but what's
the point? The program will check the available space on the
destination drive, then determine which files in the default
directory should be copied to the destination to use the maximum
available space.
If the -f parameter is used, an ASCII file will be created that can
be read by PCOPY to automate the copy process. Here is a sample
batch file that will search the default directory and move the files
to the destination drive. It quits if the floppy would be (ugh) only
partially filled.

rem filename: DMOVE.BAT
rem usage: DMOVE a:
@echo off
dfill %1 -f
if not errorlevel == 100 goto whoops
pcopy @files.lst %1 /x
goto end
echo I didn't do it.
del files.lst

-- DFILL presently is limited to 525 files on the source drive.
-- It does not check for duplicate files on the source and
destination drives.
-- If your display doesn't have 80 columns, the messages might look
a tad weird.

I wrote DFILL for my personal use, so it doesn't have any bells or
whistles. If you find the program useful and would like bugs
(shudder) fixed or enhancements, please let me know at one of the
following, preferably GEnie:


CIS: 76346,3237


PCOPY is a product of Patri-Soft, (714) 352-2825.



Rev. 1.5 - New algorithm. Faster. Fixes bugs. Actually works.
91.12.03 - Returns percentage used on destination disk for
ERRORLEVEL check in batch files.

Rev. 1.4 - Searches for the SMALLEST number of files that can be
91.08.31 copied to the source drive and still achieve a maximum
fit. This method preserves the smaller files for last
chance disk stuffing.

Rev. 1.3 - Probably doesn't exist.

Rev. 1.2 - Fell through the cracks.

Rev. 1.1 - When only one file from the source would fit on the
91.03.13 destination drive, the program would report that no
files would fit. Fixed.
- File list now printed in 5 columns rather than 1 to
avoid scrolling off the screen.

Rev. 1.0 - Initial escape.

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