Dec 222017
Master Environment Utility - enhanced set commands.
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Master Environment Utility – enhanced set commands.
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CALC.BAT 60 53 deflated
CALC.ENV 66 55 deflated
DATE.ENV 2109 818 deflated
DIRJUMP.BAT 1191 383 deflated
ENV.DOC 27836 9444 deflated
ENV.EXE 80928 39134 deflated
ORDERENV.TXT 1663 508 deflated
PLAY.BAT 76 61 deflated
README.BAT 1107 411 deflated
TWILIGHT.MUS 111 27 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file

@echo off
echo ENV v1.5w - The Master Environment Utility - Copr. K.Eikland 1991
echo ENV is a Shareware program, which means you may freely try out
echo its capabilities on your computer for a limited period of time.
echo If you find, as I think you will, that you make use of ENV and
echo wish to become an authorized user, please send US$15.00 to:
echo Mr. Kjell Eikland
echo 674 St. John's Drive
echo Camp Hill, PA 17011
echo CIS 72461,556
echo Here's an example of ENV's mathematical and date/time capabilities:
echo .
env batch

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