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DisKover new ver supports zip files.
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DisKover new ver supports zip files.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Knowing full well that you want to find out what this does :

It prints DISKETTE cover sheets. (you say 40K in an *.ARC file to
print DISK covers?)

It does it in style!!!!!

Running DISKVR46 the program will install the colors for your screen.
it then will install itself for your printer.
(Dot Matrix)

The program will work for all sizes of disks 160K, 320K, 360K, 400K,
800K even hard disks if you want. My self I had a
hard time sticking the diskette cover into the front
of my hard disk. The program works with 3 1/2 and 5
inch drives. The cover is not modified for 3 in drives.

The program also expands *.ARC, *.ZIP, *.SDN and *.LBR files to list all
of the files included in them.

If your floppy has a volume-id I print it. If not I give you an
option to create one.

The program will find sub directories and list the files in them. It
does everything that I could think of.

Changes Made to Version 4.2
Removed the coding to have an orbiting window on invalid *.ARC and
*.LBR files. This option caused the most beautiful snowstorm that
has ever been seen on the screens of some computers.

I made a change to show an error message on the screen if an *.ARC
or *.LBR file is marked as read-only. It turns out that the
language that I am using will not allow me to open an read-only file.
(Sorry about that!) The net result is that *.ARC and *.LBR files
will not be exploded on the cover, if they are read-only.

Changes made to Version 4.3
Minor change to working storage.

Changes made to version 4.4
Added the Brother printer in the install menu.
Added the new documentation created for version 5.0 of DISKOVER.

Changes made to version 4.5
Well really none except the post office changed my addresss and
I wanted to make sure that the current address is available so
I changed the version number to make sure that it got updated.

Changes made to version 4.6
The program was modified to support the new squashing methodology
included in the *.ZIP formated files. I made the necessary changes
to include the format generated by the pak program included in the
*.SDN formatted file.

Diskover 5.1 is a commercial version of the user-supported program
that you have all come to love. Anyone registering for the
user-supported version will receive the enhanced version in return

Version 5.1 has a seperate install program because of additional
options of the program. This will allow the program to begin
quicker each time you start because you don't have to answer the
options each time.

Version 5.1 will also be sent with a printed manual with examples
of the screen display at appropiate times.

Happy Computing Karson W. Morrison Caleb Computer Consultants (201)-788-1846
Rd 3
417 Larsen Rd.
Ringoes NJ. 08551

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