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A Zip File viewer that can be used as a standalone BBS door.
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A Zip File viewer that can be used as a standalone BBS door.
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Contents of the README file

ZFV v1.1 (C) Copyright 1990 by R. P. Byrne


ZFV is an archive utility program that can be used to increase the
functionality provided by the PCBoard bulletin board software's F V
command. It provides viewing of archive file contents, files within an
archive, viewing 'plain ascii' text files and other binary files not
recognized as having a supported archive format. The program will
function properly under any version of PCBoard from 14.0 upward.

While written specifically for PCBoard systems, ZFV can also function as
a stand-alone program called from the DOS command line. See the
description of the /S command line switch in the section below on program
syntax. This capability extends the functionality your callers enjoy
while on-line to their own DOS prompts (and also allows you, the PCBoard
sysop, to enjoy this functionality from within PCBFiler)!

ZFV provides these services for any .ZIP, .ARC or .LZH archive file (at
least for those produced on or before 8/27/90) as well as their
corresponding self-extractor formats. It performs this magic without the
need to call any external program (eg. PKUnZip.Exe does not need to be
accessible to ZFV). All archive processing, including the reading of
archived text files, is performed entirely by the ZFV program itself.


The PCBView.Bat file, included in the ZFV archive, shows how to install
the program to work with your PCBoard 14.5 system. The PCBView.Bat file
should be placed into your default PCB subdirectory (usually \PCB or
something similar). ZFV.EXE can also be placed here or in some other
subdirectory that is part of your DOS PATH. Next, install PCBView.Bat as
'The batch file for viewing compressed files' via the PCBSetup program.
That's all there is to it!

ZFV can also be installed for use from within PCBFiler. The first
PCBFiler options screen allows you to specify ZFV as the DOS program to
be invoked as a 'viewer' based on a file's extension. You should specify
as the DOS Command to be used for .ARC, .ZIP, .LZH, .EXE and .COM files
(remember, ZFV can handle self extractors and other binary files).

You can use ZFV from your DOS prompt whether you are a sysop or not. To
do so, place the ZFV.EXE file into a subdirectory that is part of your
DOS PATH variable (see your DOS manual for an explanation of the PATH and
how to set it) and invoke the program using the /S switch (see the
section below on program syntax). You may find it convenient to create a
batch file to invoke ZFV so that you don't have to remember to include /S
everytime you call the program. Mine is called Z.BAT and looks like
Echo Off
ZFV /SB %1
This batch file should also be placed somewhere along your DOS PATH.


ZFV's syntax is as follows:

ZFV [/switches] [d:][\path\]filename[.ext]

where 'd:' represents a drive letter, '\path\' represents a valid
subdirectory name, 'filename' represents the name of the archive file to
be processed, and '.ext' is the filename extension of the archive.

Switches are optional, may appear anywhere on the command line, and must
be preceded by either a slash or a hyphen. Allowable switches are as

S indicates standalone mode (ie. not called from PCBoard). This
switch allows ZFV to be used as an archive viewer from the DOS
command line or from within PCBFiler.

B allows hex dumps of any file that is not recognized as being in one
of ZFV's supported archive formats and does not contain plain ascii
text. This option also affects the viewing of files contained
within an archive in that binary files will be dumped rather than

X causes ZFV to disallow extraction of archive members to a "temp"
archive file.

F allows specification of a drive/subdirectory where "temp" archive
files (created by extracting members from the selected archive)
will be created (eg. /Fh:\temp).

Example: ZFV /sb e:\work\


The ZFV.EXE program ("software") is copyrighted. However, I am
distributing this software for free and you are licensed to use this
software without any charge.

Redistribution of this software is encouraged. Please do share it with
your friends, upload it to bulletin board systems, etc. However, as I am
making this software available for free, you must do the same. You are not
permitted by this license to request or accept any remuneration of any kind
for this software. This prohibition extends to including my software with
any other product or service for which money is charged.

The only exceptions to this "don't charge for what I'm giving away for
free" restriction are as follows:

(1) Bulletin board systems or other electronic information services are
permitted to make this software available for download and charge their
customary fees, if any, for access to the service.

(2) Users groups and other not-for-profit organizations that distribute
this software may charge a reasonable fee to cover duplication and related

(3) There may be other situations not covered by this license where
some charge for distribution would be appropriate. Contact me and we'll
talk about it. But, this license does not authorize any such distribution
without express, written permission from me in advance.

Except as provided above, if you do wish to charge for my software or
for any software derived from mine, then you must contact me for prior
permission. In short, if you're going to ask for money, then we're going to
share in whatever you receive. That's only fair. I can be reached at the
following address:

Richard P. Byrne
5 Twin Elm Terrace
Sparta, NJ 07871

In the event that you feel "guilty" about using this software for free,
you may, at your discretion, send a contribution to the author. Suggested
contributions include money, beer (preferably something from a local
brewery), memory chips (1Mb 80ns SIMMS preferred), or any other item that
may perform useful work, provide intellectual stimulation or possess other
recreational value (ie 'fun').

This software is distributed without warranties of any kind, express or
implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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