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Copy from ROM/RAM to disk/IBM.
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Copy from ROM/RAM to disk/IBM.
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; ;
; ;
; ;
; John Pulliam Version 11/05/86 ;
; ;
; For Columbia Data Product Computers and Compatibles ;
; Released to Public Domain ;
; ;

This program writes the contents of a user-selected memory area to
a disk file. It must be used with the newer versions of operating system,

This program is handy for making copies of Interrupt vector tables,
archival backup copies of ROMs, etc.

Allowable input commands are:


You will be prompted for the memory area to write to a disk file and
for the name of the output file.

For general information, some interesting memory usually begins at
approximately FC00:0000, FD00:0000 or FE00:0000, depending on the brand
of computer you have. Usually the size of the interesting memory ranges
from 8K to 16K, but might be something else.

The author bears no liability for any injuries, damages or losses that
are allegedly incurred by the use of this program. The only warrenty,
express or implied, is that the physical media containing this program and
provided by the author is free of any physical defects for a period not to
exceed one day or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.

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