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DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 fast, small and useful utilities from a programming guru.

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DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 fast, small
and useful utilities from a programming guru.
Drive batch files (included), walk memory and
driver chains, step through commands and
batch files. Low-level security routines and
a music program to play Bach. This is what a
whimsical programmer writes, collects and
uses. Shareware from the author of Victor
Charlie anti-virus program. Registration $25.
From an ASP member.

File DSHARP10.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
DeHaven’s Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 fast, small and useful utilities from a programming guru.
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Contents of the BANGKOK.DOC file

Bangkok Security Associates
BSA is an international software development company formed in Bangkok,
Thailand, in 1990. Its four founding members all have extensive
experience in the fields they brought into the company at formation.

Bangkok Security Associates is mainly concerned with "commercial"
software, but has been increasingly active in the shareware world in
recent months. It expects to continue to grow in the "Shareware World"
as part of company development. It is a member of the Association of
Shareware Professionals (ASP) -- the first such membership ever granted
in Southeast Asia.

Since 1990, BSA has operated the War on Virus BBS. This is currently a
3-node, high-speed dial-up board, operated without charge. WOV was the
first BBS to bring BBS echomail (netmail) to the area on a daily basis,
and serves both as a hub and node BBS on a number of major networks. War
on Virus BBS is an ASP-approved board -- again, a first.

Since the company began, the Victor Charlie anti-virus program has been
the "flagship software" of BSA. But the company has evolved a line of
other programs for the PC. In the next short while, BSA expects its
product line to expand greatly.

Please watch for the document BANGKOK.DOC in programs uploaded to BBSes
around the world. This BSA-exclusive document will be constantly updated
to list programs we expect to release in the near future.

Here is a list of BSA's top-of-the-line programs currently available for
shareware evaluation.

You can contact BSA by mail, telephone, fax, or electronically. For your
guidance, Thailand is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in
the USA, and 7 hours ahead of GMT (UTC).

Bangkok Security Associates
PO Box 5-121 War on Virus BBS
Bangkok, Thailand 10330 (66-2) 437-2085
Voice (66-2) 255-5982 =OR= 251-2574 14.4Kbps, 25 hours a day
Fax (66-2) 253-6868
CIS 76420,3053

Victor Charlie
Program: Victor Charlie (VC50.ZIP)
Version: 5.0
Size at Install: 27 files, 253K
Size at Runtime: 41 files, 582K
Registration: $50 ($4 s/h in North America; $11 foreign)
Program Type: Generic anti-virus

One line description :
Victor Charlie 5.0 generic anti-virus/security program.

Short description :
Victor Charlie is the world's first generic anti-virus program.
Uses fast bait files and captures its own virus signatures.
Detects and fixes system problems at a keystroke. Multi-level
security provides methods to find and kill computer viruses.
UNCRIPPLED shareware release of the single-user version of an
industrial-strength anti-virus program.

Detailed description :
Ver 5.0 of Victor Charlie (an Association of Shareware
Professionals program) detects today's and tomorrow's viruses on
the fly, using a variety of inter-connected disk, program and
self-monitoring techniques. The program includes a user- friendly
interface, but can also be completely customized, and run by
batch routines, even invisibly to the user (until a problem
develops). Messages, help and instruction files and even menus
can be localized and/or customized, partly or completely. The
program is self-updating -- no program updates are offered or
necessary because of new viruses.

In addition, VC includes semi-automated routines which are
capable of detecting virus infections, and of monitoring data
files for both infection and viral Bomb damage.

Victor Charlie, used from the command line or the interface,
uses several techniques to detect, track and wipe out PC
viruses: Bait; System Monitoring and repair; Searching;
Artificial Intelligence. Victor Charlie is based upon and
designed around a simple fact -- viruses must change something
when they replicate.

CIA Hypertext

Program: CIA Hypertext
Version: 1992
Size: 2 files, 1.75 MB
To run, type: CIA
Registration: $25 ($4 s/h in North America; $11 foreign)
Program Type: Information (CIA World Fact Book '92)

One line description :
CIA Hypertext. A world of data from the C.I.A.

Short description :
CIA Hypertext. 2.5MB of data at a keystroke! Use as a TSR that
takes 0K of RAM (uses upper memory), or as standalone
application. The complete text of the CIA World Fact Book.
Literally, a world of data in one place. Comparisons of many
categories provided. View it, print it, file it, paste it.
Up-to-date info from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency on
geography, government, sociology, trade, communications, defense,
more. Three files -- you need all three. Uncrippled.

Detailed description :
CIA Hypertext is an easy-to-use version of The World Fact Book,
by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is a standard for
US and foreign governments seeking data on any country or area in
the world. The Fact Book is an up-to-date source of economic,
geographical and political data on more than 250 countries and
areas of the world. CIA Hypertext contains the full text of the
current World Fact Book, in easy-to-access form. Data can be
viewed, saved, printed or pasted into other applications as
needed. No special computer knowledge is required, and you can
begin to use CIA Hypertext immediately after installation.

CIA Hypertext, by an Association of Shareware Professionals
(ASP) member, provides easy and exceptionally fast access to the
full text of the CIA World Fact Book, the equivalent of more
than 400 standard book pages crammed with facts about more than
250 nations, territories and areas of the world. In addition,
this powerful computer program has exclusive tables and
comparisons not available in the actual CIA publication. These
unique features of CIA Hypertext set it apart from any other
published clone of the standard U.S. Government work.

The program provides fast and simple manipulation of what could
easily be an overwhelming amount of data. With CIA Hypertext,
you can rapidly collect data and: Search for more information
via an indexed collection of hundreds of key words; Print it on
any printer, and/or, save it to a disk file in ASCII format,
readable by any standard DOS application such as a word
processor, desktop publisher, etc.;

DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools

Program: DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools
Version: 1.0
Size: 58 files, 82K
To run, type: Program name (22 programs, 12 batch files)
Registration: $25 ($4 s/h in North America; $11 foreign)
Program Type: Small, fast utilities

One line description :
DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 small, fast utilities.

Short description :
DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 fast, small and useful utilities
from a programming guru. Drive batch files (included), walk
memory and driver chains, step through commands and batch files.
Low-level security routines and a music program to play Bach.
This is what a whimsical programmer writes, collects and uses.
Shareware from the author of Victor Charlie anti-virus program.

Detailed description :
John DeHaven is the chief programmer of Bangkok Security
Associates (BSA), a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). The utilities in this collection have been
assembled by him over a period of years of low-level programming.
They range across the spectrum of personal computing -- from
security to utility to mildly entertaining.

Each of these utilities (and many of DeHaven's sharp-edged batch
files) has just ONE purpose. Each is carefully crafted to be as
small as possible, with most occupying less than a single disk
cluster. Each is written in assembly language, "talks directly
to the hardware," and operates at blazing speed.

DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools do not provide spiffy menus,
colorful screens, or configurable sound. They are specifically
designed to do a job, give whatever help might be needed -- and
get out of your face.

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