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Switches Serial and Printer port address. LPT1 to LPT2 and CON1 to CON2.
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Switches Serial and Printer port address. LPT1 to LPT2 and CON1 to CON2.
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PORTSW Version 1.0

(c) Copyright 1986
Dr. William C. Parke
1820 S Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009


PORTSW Version 1.0 may be freely copied and distributed as long as
the only charge is for media and reproduction costs. Under no
circumstances should the program be distributed with a commercial
product, sold for profit, or distributed in modified form without
express permission of the author.


PORTSW is an MS-DOS utility for IBM compatible computers which will
let the user reverse the addresses for the serial or parallel
communications ports. Several commercial programs require the
user to have a particular device connected to the first serial
port (COM1:) or the first parallel port (LPT1:). If COM1: or
LPT1: is already occupied, it may be convenient to put the required
device on COM2: or LPT2:, rather than physically removing the
connection at the first port. Using PORTSW will let the program
send information to the device connected to the second port
as if it were on the first port.


PORTSW /S Reverse the addresses of the Serial ports COM1: with COM2:
PORTSW /P Reverse the addresses of the Parallel ports LPT1: with LPT2:


1. Suppose a dot-matrix parallel printer is connected to the
port at LPT1: and a letter qualitly printer is connected to LPT2:.
Then a word processor which can only send output to LPT1: or
PRN: can use either printer by running PORTSW /P between each
intended switching of the printers.

2. Suppose a modem program drives the modem connected to COM1: and a
serial printer is connected to COM2:. If MODE has been used to
redirect PRN: output to the serial port COM1:, then a screen dump
to the printer can be effected inside the modem program if
PORTSW /S is used before entering that program.

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