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Automatic backup driven from batch file.
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Automatic backup driven from batch file.
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8-27-84 AUTOBAK.HLP (ver 1.0)

AUTOBAK is a batch file which will automatically handle backup of a
fixed disk on an everyday basis. It requires this file and the DOS utility file
BACKUP.COM reside in the same subdirectory as the file AUTOBAK.BAT.

The syntax of AUTOBAK is as follows and is entered from the command line:

AUTOBAK [help]
[full] mm-dd-yy mm-dd-yy yourname
[daily] " " "
[append] " " "

where: the first mm-dd-yy is the date of last backup
the second mm-dd-yy is today's date
yourname is the name of person performing backup

The batch file recognizes several alternative parameters:
[help] or [h] or [?] [daily] or [d]
[full] or [f] [append] or [a]
[daily] or [d]
[full] or [f] [append] or [a]

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