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Command stacking utility for DOS.
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Command stacking utility for DOS.
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ProDo v1.0 Copyright (c) 1989 Prodigy Technologies. All Rights
Reserved World Wide.

This is a quick manual, which is divided into five sections.
Please read all of them before attempting to use ProDo. Thank you,
Tony Gentile.

* Section 1: What is ProDo *

ProDo is a command stacking utility. With it, you can specify a
list of programs (or DOS functions) to be executed in sequence.
In addition to it's obvious use of command stacking, ProDo is a
great tool for those people using a version of DOS prior to 3.3.
Versions of DOS prior to v3.3 do not support the batch file CALL
command. ProDo eliminates this problem.

* Section 2: The ProDo Advantage *

ProDo is my version of a Public Domain program, named DO. I wrote
ProDo simply to improve on an already excellent program. The
advantage ProDo offers is in memory usage. It requires 10k of your
memory, while DO requires 19k.

* Section 3: Warranty *

PRODIGY Technologies makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or
implied, including, without limitation, and warranties of
merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. PRODIGY
Technologies shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct,
indirect, special or consequential arising from a failure of this
program to operate in the manner desired by the user.

PRODIGY Technologies shall not be liable for any damage to data or
property which may be caused directly or indirectly by the use of
this program. IN NO EVENT will PRODIGY Technologies be liable to
you for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or
other incidental or consequential damages arising out of your use
or inability to use the program, or from any claim by any other

* Section 4: Registration *

This program is distributed as a User Supported Software product.
In other words, it's Shareware. Therefore, you are granted a
limited license to use the program for a trial period. This trial
period shall be thirty (30) days. After thirty days, you must
either register ProDo or discontinue it's use.

The COST of registration depends on who (or what) you are. If you
are a person, using ProDo on your home computer for whatever
purpose, you must register by sending me a postcard. I think this
is an entirely resonable request. It should cost you no more then
$0.75, unless you decide to get fancy. I'd like to collect a card
from every state in the nation, and maybe some from abroad.

Now, if you are an institution or business of any sort, you must
register by sending $5.00 for the first copy, and $1.00 for each
copy after that.

Please mail all "Payments" to the address below:

Tony Gentile
PRODIGY Technologies
14611 Carmel Ridge Road
San Diego, CA 92128

* Section 5: Using ProDo *

First, ProDo is of most use if you place it somewhere where it
will be in your PATH statement. That goes without saying.

To use ProDo, just enter ProDo, followed by the commands you
want to run - seperate each with a semi-colon. Here are a few


or :


Enjoy, Tony Gentile 7/31/89.

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