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Assign your own Macros to the F1-10 Keys for use at the DOS Prompt.

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DOS-F-KEY v3.0
By Mark Linehan
Now you can assign your own macros
to your F1-F10 keys, for use at
the DOS PROMPT! No more typing
DIR /W a million times a day!
You can easily EXCLUDE the F3 key
for those that like to get the
LAST command with it!

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Assign your own Macros to the F1-10 Keys for use at the DOS Prompt.
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Contents of the DFKUNR.DOC file

DOS-F-KEY: The Function Key Assigner v3.0

This unregistered version of DOS-F-KEY does not allow you to assign all 10 of
the function keys with macro's. Instead it will assign the DIR command to the
F1 key only. If you wish to utilize all 10 of your function keys with macro's
you can define yourself for use from the DOS prompt then please send the fee
of $9.95 payable to:

Mark Linehan
32 Beaver Street
Salem, MA 01970

The INSTALL program will install DOSFKEY.EXE into your DOS directory, and
append the \DOS\DOSFKEY.EXE command onto the end of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
All you need to do is type INSTALL.

WARNING: This program is not guaranteed or warranteed in any way shape or
form, whether expressed or implied. By continuing to use this software after
reading this disclaimer, you are accpeting the terms of this agreement which
is that, Mark Linehan can not be held liable for any damages to data or
property from the use or misuse of this or any other software product. You are
using this software at your own risk.

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