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Remove memory resident programs.
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Remove memory resident programs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FLMK.COM 97 97 stored
FLMKIBM.COM 108 108 stored
FLUSH.COM 509 448 deflated
FLUSH.DOC 2325 1004 deflated
FLUSHIBM.COM 510 448 deflated

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Contents of the FLUSH.DOC file



This pair of programs, FLUSH.COM & FLMK.COM remove T_erminate & S_tay R_esident
programs, free the memory allocated to them, display the amount of free memory
and display how many markers are left in memory.

Before running a TSR program install a marker in memory by running FLMK.COM .
FLMK.COM markers may be stacked as deep as you like. When you need more memory
or a TSR interferes with the running of another program, you can remove them
with FLUSH.COM . Programs like SIDEKICK can remove themselves from memory but
they don't release memory taken by TSRs installed after them. That can lead to
serious problems and a reset.

I wrote these programs as compact as possible because I like to keep my
frequently called programs on a small RAMDISK.

Because IBM work_a_likes don't have Basic in ROM, I did not save the Basic
Interrupt Vector Table in FLUSH Vers 1.02 but do so in Vers 1.IBM. The IBM
version requires another 512 bytes of RAM when installed. ( I use Basic when
I have no other choice. )

The amount of free memory reported may differ slightly from that reported by
CHKDSK . I have tried FLUSH with PC_DOS 2.1 , 3.1 & Hyperion MS_DOS 2.11 with
no apparent problems.

The 5 program files included in this archive are:

o FLUSH.DOC You reading it!
o FLUSH.COM Vers 1.02
o FLMK.COM Vers 1.02

o Before installing a memory resident program, place a marker in
memory by invoking FLMK.COM from DOS.

o Install your TSR programs ( separate them with markers if you
wish ).

o When you want to remove the TSRs installed after a marker, call
FLUSH.COM from DOS . The TSRs and the marker are removed and
the Interrupt Vector Table is restored.

NB. REMEMBER that the marker is also removed.

FLUSH Version 1.02 & 1.IBM August 29, 1986
Written by: Paul E. Turton
RR # 3
Wainfleet, Ontario
L0S 1V0

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