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Delete all unzipped files from single ZIP in one operation!.
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Delete all unzipped files from single ZIP in one operation!.
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Contents of the DZIP.DOC file

DZIP -- Removal of programs already with .ZIP files

To start with, I have to give much acknowledgement to Ken Brown
for putting together the program ZIPV.EXE and for releasing his
work, along with the 'C' code, into the Public Domain area.

After studying Ken's code, I was able to understand the principles
of how his code worked and with deletion of portions of his code
that was not required to accomplish my goals, I was able to add
several additional lines and produce the program that I have
called DZIP.

DZIP is a program that has one purpose only, and that is to assist
in the deletionof files from a directory were the file(s) are
already contained in a .ZIP file.

When I download programs from different BBS' across the U.S., I
perfer to have all new files received maintained in a special directory
where I then UNZIP them, review what the program does, then preceed
to eliminate the files that came out of the .ZIP file.

Sometimes this is a chore, especially when the .ZIP file has many
differently named files.

With DZIP, the chore has been made easier, for now all one has to do
is type in:

DZIP filename.ZIP

Once this has been accomplished, DZIP looks within the .ZIP for the
file names contained within it, and if that file is in the current
directory, the file is deleted from the directory.

DZIP can also be used in a little more complex manner, the program
can be used on several files at one time:

DZIP filename.ZIP filename.ZIP filename.ZIP

In addition, DZIP can also utilize wild cards and does not require
that the .ZIP be included. The program assumes that the name that
follows DZIP is a .ZIP file and if not .ZIP file is found for the
name listed, the program aborts.

Examples of legal entries are:

DZIP filename
DZIP filename.ZIP
DZIP filename.ZIP filename.ZIP filename.ZIP
DZIP filena*
DZIP filen???

I assume no responsibility for the use of DZIP, but it has been tested
using every means available and has accomplished it's job each and
everytime for me.

This program is placed in the public domain. You may do whatever
you like with it.

John Bresnahan

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