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Checks for compressed executable files, and lists compressor used. Now recognizes compressor used for Norton Utilities 6.xx.
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Checks for compressed executable files, and lists compressor used. Now recognizes compressor used for Norton Utilities 6.xx.
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Contents of the CHK4COMP.DOC file

CHK4COMP.EXE Ver. 3.6 (12-07-91) by John Land, Esq. (Patent & Copyright Law)

Shows which .EXE & .COM files have been compressed by PKLITE, LZEXE, DIET, AXE,
WINDOWS files & misnamed .EXE & .COM files. Output sortable by size, name,
date, or time, & is redirectable. Subdirectories can be looped through.

USAGE is: CHK4COMP {filespec} {/option}... [{filespec} can take wildcards].

Listing options (can use - or / to start each option):
/A -- All specified files (default is all .COM and .EXE files)
/C -- Compressed files only; suboptions:
/CL = Lzexe /CP = Pklite /CD = Diet /CU = execUtrx /CX = leXem
/CC = sCrnch /CS = Shrink /CA = Axe /CT = Tinyprog /CI = Ice
/CO = Optlink /CE = Exepack
/U -- Uncompressed files only (use /Un, n = 0{=},1,2,4 to list files > nK)
/M -- Misnamed .COM and .EXE files only (no wildcards accepted)
/E -- displays -1 for EXEPACK compression; EXEPACK testing NOT included
(speeds up testing)

Sort options:
/S -- by file Size (default) /D -- by file Date
/N -- by file Name /T -- by file Time

Other options:
/X -- eXclude display of all information except totals
/L -- Loop through subdirectories
/P -- Pause after each 25 lines
/V -- Verbose mode; shows file dates and times, plus the amount of
compression, as a percentage of file size, required to save one
more disk cluster (cluster size is determined from the disk
containing the listed files)
/R -- Redirect mode; suppress most banners and file info

NOTES: If the symbol shows in an information line for a file, then that
file is a WINDOWS .EXE file. If the symbol shows, then that
file APPEARS to use overlays (the calculated file size is not
equal to the actual file size). "X" for a PKLITE file means
"eXtra" compression; "L" means "Large extractor".

You can add up to 2 strings (a before file-list string and an after
file-list string) to redirected output. Just put the strings in
single quotes. Spaces are allowed.

EXAMPLE: CHK4COMP /u/r 'PKlite -o'

This will output a list of UNcompressed files preceded by
"PKlite -o", which can be redirected to a batch file (e.g., by
adding ">temp.bat").

With the /L option, all subdirectories under the current
subdirectory are searched, but banners are shown ONLY for those
subdirectories with files matching the initial search criteria
(e.g., compressed *.EXE files).

Searching for EXEPACK'd files is slow, because the tag bytes are
in non-uniform locations near the END of a file. However, the
default mode INCLUDES searching for EXEPACK'd files; use /E to
exclude them. Note also that CHK4COMP only searches the last 64
KB of large .EXE files for the EXEPACK tag bytes.

The ability to add a size parameter to the /U option gives you the
ability to limit display of uncompressed files to only those over
a certain cluster size. For example, on a normal hard disk over
10MB in size, the cluster size is 2,048 bytes. Usually there would
be no point in compressing a file that is already smaller than the
cluster size, since no space would be saved on the hard disk. On
the other hand, the cluster size on a 360 KB floppy is 512 bytes.

(use /Un, n = 0{=},1,2,4 to list
files > nK)

2.00 -- added checking for PKlite compression of .EXE files.
2.10 -- added checking for compression of .COM files by PKLITE,
fixed output for banner suppression (redirection /r)
switch, added option to search ONLY for LZEXE, PKlite, or
TINYPROG compressed files.
2.21 -- made checking for misnamed .EXE and .COM files automatic;
added checking for compression by DIET 1.00 and SEA-AXE;
distinguishes PKlite v. 1.00 from v. 1.03.
2.30 -- Corrected error in detecting different versions of PKlite;
added detection for LEXEM; conformed code to slight
differences required by Turbo Pascal 6.0.
2.50 -- Added detection for SHRINK; added page-pause option; added
ability to create text before and after redirected output.
2.60 -- Added sorting by date/time; added Totals only mode; revised
display of totals; added verbose mode to show file date and
2.70 -- Added detection for EXEPACK.
2.80 -- Added detection for EXECUTRIX; revised totals format.
2.90 -- Added detection for WINDOWS .EXE files.
2.95 -- Added detection for apparent overlay files.
2.97 -- Added totals for no. of WINDOWS and overlay files.
2.99 -- Added sorting by date OR time.
3.00 -- Added detection for SCRNCH; fixed minor bug in displaying
very small ( < 100 bytes) files after running CHK4COMP
twice in a row.
3.05 -- Added detection for ICE.
3.10 -- Corrected bug that wouldn't let CHK4COMP find any files
when checking a directory other than the current directory;
added detection for DIET 1.02; added ability to limit
display of uncompressed files to only those over a certain
cluster size.
3.20 -- Added calculation of amount of percentage of compression
required to save one more disk cluster (part of /V display).
3.50 -- Changed algorithm for determining version number of PKLITE
files; now also notes PKLITE files with extra compression.
3.55 -- Changed algorithm for determining major and minor version
number of PKLITE files; now also notes files having the
"large extractor" flag set.
3.60 -- Added detection for OPTLINK (used by NORTON UTILITIES).

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