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Working demo of a program to read and write Mac High Density Disks on a PC. Limited to files up to 15k.
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Working demo of a program to read and write Mac High Density Disks on a PC. Limited to files up to 15k.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

MacSEE 4.00B Shareware Release - 04/30/94


Installation of MacSEE:

DOS - Simply copy the MACSEE.EXE file to a directory and execute it (by
typing MACSEE).

Windows - Copy all of the included files to a directory and run
INSTALLW.EXE to install the Windows version of MacSEE.


Note: This replaces the previous MacSEE 4.0 release of 4/13/94 and addresses
two problems:

* MacSEE for Windows gave an error message with respect to CTL3DV2.DLL
not being installed correctly. This release includes a setup utility
called INSTALLW to correctly install the demo version of MacSEE 4.00B
so that this will not happen.

* MacSEE would not work properly with SyQuest drives on many systems.
This, too, has been fixed.


MacSEE is a powerful utility that allows a standard PC to read/write
Macintosh disks. This include 3.5" 1,44/2.88 Mb high density Macintosh disks,
CD-ROMs, and Macintosh formatted hard drives (e.g. SyQuest and Bernoulli
removables). MacSEE gives access to the complete Macintosh file system...the
included DOS and Windows shareware versions are the same as the full
versions with the following restrictions:

* Transfer of files is limited to 16K
* Renaming, deleting, and making/removing folders on Macintosh disks
is not allowed
* Formatting will not format, but it will allow to you set up a format
(so you can see how it works)
* The Resource Inspector will display resources in a Mac file, but won't
extract them

The full version allows for all of these disabled features to function

(Note: MacSEE can not read low density 800K Mac disks. We have received many
calls regarding this. It's not possible to read low density Mac disks
without additional hardware. Sorry!)

Translation Modes


Once again MacSEE's file translations have been altered. We believe the new
system will be more flexible and equally as powerful. The standard
MacBinary II and BinHex translation remain unaltered for those of you using
MacSEE to download to your PC and copy files to a Mac disk for use on a Mac
(that's one good use of MacSEE...if you have a Mac at another location you
can download those neat Mac programs while on your PC and use them when you
get to a Mac!).
For those using MacSEE to transfer data such as text files, pictures,
spreadsheets, Postscript, and so on read on. Instead of the 'Data File'
translation that was introduced in MacSEE 3.2 we now have Automatic and
Manual translations. Automatic is essentially identical to Data File where
MacSEE will automatically identify your files and move them over to the other
platform...Manual allows you to override this and select from MacSEE's four
basic translations: Data Fork, Resource Fork, Text, and MacPaint/PCX.
Usually, if the file is not recognized by MacSEE, you'll want to use Data
Fork translation.

What's New & Bug Fixes
MacSEE for Windows no longer relies on the silly WinASPI drivers that
nobody, but Adaptec, supports. The drivers are a great idea...but without
support they've caused more frustration than it was worth. MacSEE for
Windows will no longer not recognize ASPI compatible drives due to this
problem meaning those that have had to use the DOS version because of this
can now enjoy the benefits of the Windows version.
MacSEE 4.0 fixes a bug that would occasionally cause MacSEE to cross link
files on large files when a disk became fragmented. This has been fixed.
File tagging is now supported allowing you to transfer multiple files in
one operation.
A Resource Inspector allowing you to inspect Macintosh resources and
extract their data is included. This is a powerful feature and is where much
of MacSEE's future development is being aimed. For example, the Resource
Inspector allows you to move Mac Truetype fonts over to your PC and use
them. This would not be possible otherwise.
MacSEE 4.0 now allows for formatting/partitioning of Mac hard disks such
as SyQuest removables.

Other Notes & Ordering Information
We're positive that MacSEE is the BEST way to get files from a Macintosh
to a PC and back. That's why there's always a 30 day money back guarantee
on orders. Version 4.0 offers complete compatibility with System 7 and many
additional features that 3.2 did not offer. Owners of previous versions can
upgrade to version 4.0 at the following rates:

MacSEE 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 - $44.95
MacSEE 3.0,3.1 - $25.00
MacSEE 3.2 - $20.00

And if you're a new customer MacSEE 4.0 retails for $79.95 US or a $39.95
competitive upgrade if you've purchased another, similar, program along
with proof of purchase or a manual's cover page. Foreign orders are welcome,
but please be sure that checks are in US funds and drawn on a US bank. There
is no additional charge for shipping (even for foreign orders). Finally, if
you're a CompuServe member it's possible to register MacSEE via SWREG on
CompuServe. Just GO SWREG and then register product #1740. Corporate POs
accepted ($2.00 S/H) and CODs are welcome.

P.O. Box 1884
Clemson, SC 29633
(803) 654-7378
CIS: 71521,2200 Internet: [email protected]

- Thanks, Alan Reeve


MacSEE is also available from the following foreign distributors:

Media Palette
Kyoeki Soto-kanda Bld., 6F,
Soto-kanda 4-4-2,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Japan 101
Phone: 81-3-3255-3693
Fax: 81-3-3255-3639

Windowshare SARL
au Capital de 50 000 F
Siege Social
32, Rue des Frieres
57050 METZ
Phone: 33-87-30-85-57
Fax: 33-87-32-37-75

Pfohl & Partner Software GmbH
Brueckenstr. 16
90419 Nuernberg
West Germany
Phone: 49-911-39903-0
Fax: 49-911-39903-50

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