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FV v1.45 verbose archive dirctory lister.
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FV v1.45 verbose archive dirctory lister.
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FV - Verbose Archive Directory Lister Version 1.45
------------------------------------- June 23, 1993

Purpose: To display the names and attributes of files contained within archive
files with extensions of ARC, ARJ, ZIP, PAK, DWC, LZH, ZOO, LBR, and
most self-extracting COM and EXE files created by archive utilities.

Format: FV [d:][path]filespec[.ext] [filespecs ... filespecs]
[/p] [/b] [/w] [/r] [/c] [/x]

Notes: If no operands are entered, a display of the program's command format
is displayed.

The drive and path are optional. The filespec may contain the
wildcard characters * and ?. All archive files matching the file
specification are processed.

If the filespec extension is omitted, all known archive extensions
are checked.

The 'filespecs' operand limits the display to filenames within the
archives which match this file specification. There may be up to
eight 'filespecs'.

Use the /p parameter to pause the display when the screen fills.

Use the /b parameter to suppress the d:\path information in the

Use the /w parameter to display member names only in a 5-up display.

Use the /c parameter to display archive and file comments for ZIP

The /r redate option changes the archive file date to be the latest
date of the files within the archive.

The /x option converts a self-extracting (.EXE) file to a new archive
file with the proper extension and format in the current directory.

Self-extracting files for the ARJ format is not supported.

The date format for LU .LBR files varies. The format used by FV
adheres to the LU86 standard.

(c) Copyright by Vernon D. Buerg 1989-93. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

FV - Verbose Archive Directory Lister Version 1.45
------------------------------------- June 23, 1993


o Display the directory of the TEST.ARC file, in the current


o Display the directories of all archive files, but redirect
the information to the file FV.DIR:


o Print the directory of the file NUBIES.LZH in directory RTEST
of drive A:


o Display the entries of all .ZIP archive files which have the
extension .DOC:


o Change the date of all archive files to be that of the latest
file within the archive:

FV * /R

FV - Verbose Archive Directory Lister Version 1.45
------------------------------------- June 23, 1993

Version history

1.00 - 4/21/89 initial program
1.08 - 4/28/89 initial release
1.09 - 5/06/89 add LHARC 1.12b sfx checks
1.10 - 5/09/89 correct crc display for LZH
add ZOO format
1.11 - 5/13/89 correct display of ZIP crc
1.12 - 5/23/89 add LHARC 1.13l sfx checks
add 'who made it' note
1.13 - 5/25/89 add ARC 6 subdir checking
add /W wide display option
1.14 - 7/22/89 add ZIP 1.0 imploding method
1.15 - 7/24/89 corrects premature eof problem with short LZH filenames
1.16 - 8/01/89 add PAK 2.0 Distilling; add seconds to time display
1.17 - 8/16/89 correct time value, correct some sfx checks
1.19 - 8/24/89 add ZIP 1.01 sfx
1.20 - 8/26/89 add /R redate option
1.21 - 8/30/89 correct for long (path) names in ZIP, etc
1.22 - 9/09/89 add LBR library processing
if archive type does not match the extension, check
other formats
1.23 - 10/04/89 correct inputting prompting for files not opened
1.24 - 11/16/89 add /X option to convert self-extracting archives
1.25 - 11/17/89 corrections for converting ZIP sfx
1.26 - 11/23/89 correct LZH displays with long filenames
1.27 - 03/22/90 add PKZIP 1.10 sfx format
1.28 - 03/25/90 correct detection of some self extracting EXE files
1.29 - 06/09/90 add /C option to display ZIP file comments
06/29/90 changed lf-lf output to cr-lf-cr-lf; removed nulls
1.30 - 07/16/90 correct wide listing /W option
1.31 - 07/18/90 change processing of ZIP extra comments field
add 'filespecs' file selection criteria
1.32 - 8/30/90 improve wide display of long file names
1.33 - 9/03/90 display path names separately from file names
1.34 - 2/06/91 add PAK 2.5 sfx and LHA 2.05 sfx formats
1.35 - 3/12/91 add more LHA sfx formats
1.36 - 4/12/91 add ARC v7 information records
1.37 - 5/07/91 add support for ARJ archive files
1.38 - 8/26/91 add checking of dates before changing them for /r option
- 8/26/91 allow numbers over 8 digits
1.39 - 10/27/91 add PKZIP v1.93a SFX
1.40 - 3/10/92 add licensed version
1.41 - 10/09/92 add ARJ sfx
1.42 - 10/09/92 add /C comment option to ARJ
1.43 - 2/14/93 add madeby and sfx for ZIP 2.04g
1.44 - 3/07/93 correct loop with ARC-like files
1.45 - 6/23/93 add more sfx formats

FV - Verbose Archive Directory Lister Version 1.45
------------------------------------- June 23, 1993

FV requires DOS version 2.0 or later.

FV was written using the SLR Systems OPTASM assembler. The source, if
supplied, may not compile using other assemblers. If you make changes
to the source, please do not distribute the source or modified files
without express written permission from me.

FV is supplied for personal, private use. Feel free to distribute
FV given these restrictions:

o the program shall be supplied in its original, unmodified
form, which includes this documentation;

o no fee is charged;

o "commercial" use without a license is prohibited;

o the program may not be included - or bundled - with other
goods or services. Exceptions may be granted upon written
request only. This also applies to clubs and distributors.

If you find FV useful, your gift in any amount would be appreciated.
Please direct your inquiries, complaints, suggestions, etc., to:

Vernon D. Buerg
139 White Oak Circle
Petaluma, CA 94952

Data: (707) 778-8944, 24 hr BBS; 300-2400 VOR/Bit Boutique
-or- (707) 778-8841, 24 hr BBS; 300-9600, Motherboard, 9600 USR HST
FAX: (707) 778-8728
Compuserve: 70007,1212 (Go IBMSYS)

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