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Recover memory blocks when TSR goes resident.
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Recover memory blocks when TSR goes resident.
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Contents of the FIX27.DOC file

CONTACT: Keith P. Graham PC-Rockland BBS (914) 353-2157
DESCRIPTION: Program which reclaims wasted space used when memory
resident programs are loaded.
USAGE: FIX27 should go into the AUTOEXEC.BAT before any other
memory resident program. It watches for programs
going resident and returns their environment block
to the memory pool. This is 80 bytes for those with
small environments. Those with larger environments
can save much more.
FIX27 takes up 176 bytes after it is loaded and
needs two TSR's following it to break even on memory
usage. If you use alot of TSR programs or have a
large environment this little utility can save quite
a bit of space.

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