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Collection of small useful utilities.
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Collection of small useful utilities.
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ALT_TEST.COM 10 10 stored
ASK.COM 69 69 stored
BUFFMOVE.COM 35 34 deflated
CAPSTOG.COM 13 13 stored
CHEAPUTL.DOC 2976 1448 deflated
COLDBOOT.COM 16 16 stored
CTRLTEST.COM 10 10 stored
CTRLTOG.COM 13 13 stored
D2H.COM 221 210 deflated
DUMP.COM 259 214 deflated
GETDAY.COM 8 8 stored
H2D.COM 238 226 deflated
LSHIFT.COM 10 10 stored
NUMTOG.COM 13 13 stored
RSHIFT.COM 10 10 stored
SCROLTOG.COM 13 13 stored
SHIFTTOG.COM 13 13 stored
TEXT.COM 8 8 stored
WARMBOOT.COM 2 2 stored

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Contents of the CHEAPUTL.DOC file

The Ten Minute Utilities:


It's just like Christmas! The slightly useful ten minute
utilities are here! They are simple, compact, and often useful.
Some of them can be a great help in writing batch files.
Others can actually improve your computing environment!

Don't get confused: they aren't anything spectacular. Most of
them consist of only a few instructions. However, they're
reliable, and they work. If you don't like 'em, that's
O.K. If you do, that's even better! They're free, so
you're not losing anything by trying them.

DISCLAIMER: ---------- This software is provided as is
without any guarantees or warranty. Although the authors have
attempted to find and correct any bugs in the programs, they
are not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused
by the use or misuse of the programs. The authors are under no
obligation to provide service, corrections, or upgrades to these

Description of files included:

ALT_TEST.COM - Tests status of ALT key. Returns ERRORLEVEL 1 if
ALT key is depressed, 0 otherwise.

ASK.COM - Prints onscreen whatever is after it on the command
line, then waits for a keystroke. If the "y" key is pressed,
returns errorlevel 1. If "n" is pressed, it returns errorlevel

BUFFMOVE - Extends keyboard type ahead buffer to 127 characters.

CAPSTOG.COM - Toggles CAPSLOCK state (could be useful in

COLDBOOT.COM - Performs a _cold_ boot. (Runs POST before

CTRLTEST.COM - Tests state of CTRL key. Return errorlevel 1 if
CTRL down. This program could be used to skip a part of AUTOEXEC, etc.

CTRLTOG.COM - Toggles CTRL key state.

D2H.COM - Converts decimal number on command line to hex and
displays it. (Taken from PC/Computing's "HELP" column)

DUMP.COM - Displays hex dump of specified file.

GETDAY.COM - Returns day of the week as errorlevel.
Useful for running program once a week in AUTOEXEC.

H2D.COM - Converts hex number on command line to decimal and
displays it. (Taken from PC/Computing's "HELP" column)

LSHIFT.COM - Test status of the left shift button. Returns
errorlevel 1 if depressed, 0 if not.

NUMTOG.COM - Toggles status of NUMLOCK (useful for those who
have an older BIOS which sets NUMLOCK at startup)

RSHIFT.COM - Tests status of right shift button. Returns
errorlevel 1 if depressed 0 if not.

SCROLTOG.COM - Toggles status of Scroll Lock. Might have some

SHIFTTOG.COM - Toggles shift status. Can be used as a sort of
CAPS LOCK, letting you use the num. keypad for numbers and the
upper keys for their symbols.

TEXT.COM - Changes video mode to text (CGA, EGA, VGA). Useful
for ill-behaved programs that exit to DOS while still in
graphics mode.

WARMBOOT.COM - Runs boot routine (DOES NOT RUN POST)

Hope you find 'em somewhat useful.

Robert Johnson & Joe Barthel

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