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Save & Restore Int Vectors used by device drivers.
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Save & Restore Int Vectors used by device drivers.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
INTREST.EXE 13164 7223 deflated
INTSAVE.EXE 13164 7224 deflated
SWAPPER.DOC 669 374 deflated
SWAPPER.SYS 720 508 deflated

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Contents of the SWAPPER.DOC file

Swapper is a device driver that will save and restore interrupt vectors.
I use this program to disconnect the Laplink3 device driver from the keyboard
service interrupt. To use swapper, put the line DEVICE=Swapper.sys in your
config.sys file. When swapper is loaded a snapshot is made of the interrupt
vectors, then at any time you can cause any of those vectors to be
restored. This will allow you to temporarily deactivate a tsr without
removing it from memory. To set an interrupt vector to its bootup status
type INTSAVE # [#[#[#...]]] where # is the vector number(s) to save. To
reactivate those vectors type INTREST # [#[#[#...]]].

John Snow

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