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Ram disk survival after warm boot.
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Ram disk survival after warm boot.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EDISK.ASM 25231 6251 deflated
EDISK.DOC 588 318 deflated
EDISK.SYS 848 600 deflated
RAMDISK.TXT 10112 4082 deflated

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Contents of the EDISK.DOC file

EDISK.SYS is a device driver to create a 128K Ram Disk
above 640K in the D000H & E000H segments. You must have
ram there to use it. For details on how to add this memory
and use it for this Ram Disk, see the documentation at the
beginning of the EDISK.ASM code.

This Ram Disk :
1. Is self initializing to prevent PARITY

2. Survives a warm BOOT (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
without losing data

Bill Wacker 11/10/85

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