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Very simple password protection program. Easy to get around. Configurable responses, case/nocase sensitivity, tiny.
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Very simple password protection program. Easy to get around. Configurable responses, case/nocase sensitivity, tiny.
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Contents of the PW.DOC file


<-> PassWoid 0.69 Alpha (11/27/89) <->


This is a simple password protection that can be run from the DOS prompt
(rather useless in that respect) or from a batch file. It requires about
5k of memory (it is NOT RAM-resident) and 1 floppy drive [at least].
This package should contain the following files: PW.EXE (Passwoid 0.69A),
PW.DOC (This documentation file), and TOOCOME.DOC (A peek at what's to come).

The CRC-32 for PW.EXE (Passwoid v 0.69alpha) is 0846367750 Dec. 32728C06 Hex

Syntax: [,]'s are optional parameters, everything else is required.
To use the program, type:

PW [nocase] [good return string] [incorrect return string]

Where is the password to be checked for and [nocase]
is the optional parameter to ignore case. [good return string] is the
string that PW will return if the password entered is correct. [incorrect
return string] is the string returned if the password attempt is failed.
For example:

PW hackersarescum nocase Yay! Not_Quite!

would tell Passwoid to check for the password 'hackersarescum' and ignore
case. Also,

PW hackersarescum Yay! Not_Quite!

would also check for the same password, but the password would HAVE to be
entered in lowercase or it would be considered wrong. The nocase option does
not affect ascii characters other han alphabetic ones.

If the user enters the password correctly a message indicating that is issued
and PW terminates (with an errorlevel 7, useful in batch files). If the
password is entered incorrectly the program indicates this and issues an
interrupt hex 19 causing a warm system reboot.

To see a concise listing of credits, address, and program usage type:
Credits'n'stuff is NOT case sensitive.

PW credits'n'stuff

DISCLAIMER: Godz 'n' the Like Programming is not liable for any damages, direct
or consequential, that may occur through the use of this program. Interrupt hex
19 is a warm reboot on all computers with a truly IBM compatible BIOS (i.e.
Pheonix, Award, AMI, DTK/Erso). If you are not sure, check your computer's
Technical Reference manual, call your dealer, or call someone who might know.
[It SHOULDN'T do anything harmful, but we will not warrant that.]

This program is not freeware. It is based on the ShareWare concept. So, if you
decide to keep this program, please offer at least a $10 registration payment
to the authors at:

Godz and the Like Programming
10209 Lawnmarket Ct.
Ellicott City, MD 21043

So we can continue to offer upgrade, enhancements, and new products.

Registration even at the minimum level will be allowed to get a registered
copy of the program that removes that annoying little Not Registered message.

Generous donors who give $20 or more will receive, on disk, the latest
registered version. Extremely generous donors who give $35 or more will
receive the latest version (on disk) PLUS documented Turbo Pascal 5.5 source
and 2 future upgrades FREE. Onsite licenses available. Kindly report any bugs
discovered [free registration to helpful bug reporters].

Thanks for your support!!!!!!

Deepak Jain and Arush Kumar

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