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Searches your drives for files you worked on or changed today and makes a backup of them.
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Searches your drives for files you worked on or changed today and makes a backup of them.
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Contents of the OFF.DOC file

The Easiest Way to Backup

Well, looking through the store yesterday, I found a program
called "Sitback". An interesting concept, it could backup your
directory, a couple of files maybe.
But you didn't have to manually do the work.

I like that idea !

Me, with a 105 meg hard disk, and yet another 45 meg hard card
hate to back up.

With a passion ! And you can understand why ...

So here's a super-freebee program you can have, share, give to everyone
you know, upload on every BBS, and use yourself.

It copies all files opened today (if you have a weird file pop up,
believe it or not, you used it today) to the drive and directory
you specify, then lists your "backup" directory used, then parks your

Usage: OFF [pathname]

examples: OFF (displays the help message)

OFF c:\dos\backup

OFF a:\files\today

OFF b:\week1\accounts

NOTE: leave the "\" off the end of your directory

Please specify the drive, even if it's your current drive (so the program
can change to that drive).


1. We assume that your "park" program is located in the "\DOS" directory
on your default drive.

2. Wait 2 seconds after answering all the "BACKUP: [file]" prompts.
I do this because if you're just pressing keys, you'll skip that
information page.Waiting a while lets you see it, even if you
are holding down the "N" button throughout the backup.

3. Pressing ESC gets you out of the program, just in case you change
your mind about a backup.

4. The file included here is "HELP.COM", and is your help screen. You
don't really need it, but keep it around, IT'S CUTE !

EXTRA FREEBEE INCLUDED ! I threw in another backup utility called FUN.EXE.
It maps your hard drives by creating a "catalog" of your files,
and all directories.
To use it, type:
and the catalog will be piped to a file called "myfile" that
can be stored in a backup disk, then looked at later.
It's plain old ASCII text, so don't worry about any binary

If you're drive fails suddenly, or you lose a directory
accidentally, you can always look at MYFILE for what files
went in what directory.

Ok, Ok, so it isn't the prime BACKUP SYSTEM, but hey, It's FREE !!

Read the DAVE.HST file, good stuff loaded in there !

Questions, comments, love to hear from "ya"

So I'm a texan, what can I say? ------

David Smith

Compuserve 71441,2723

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