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Encrypt-It v1.32 DOS file encrypt/decrypter.
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Encrypt-It v1.32 DOS file encrypt/decrypter.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Dear Encrypt-It user, 15 Feb 1992

This new version of Encrypt-It provides several enhancements. See the
history section below for details.

Late breaking news - we have just finished adding multi-tasking operation,
graphic status bars, plus much more for Encrypt-It for Windows.

Want a free registered copy of Encrypt-It? We hold a drawing each month
from people who fill out and mail in the enclosed suggestion form
(SUGGEST.DOC). We are offering this free registered copy in an effort
to get feedback from you, the user. We want to direct our development
efforts to provide you the best applications available.

David Black
MaeDae Enterprises



For DOS: Follow the directions provided with the registered version or
make a directory called EID (for Encrypt-It DOS) and copy all
the files into it. Run EID.EXE for the main application.

For Win: Follow the directions provided with the registered version or
make a directory called EIW (for Encrypt-It Win) and copy all
the files into it. Run EIW.EXE for the main application.



v1.0 JUN 91 - Initial release of the DOS and Windows versions. Provided
high speed Data Encryption Standard (DES) plus our additional
layers of proprietary encryption for your data. Perfect for
everything from diaries to coporate proprietary data.

v1.1 AUG 91 Added graphics for statistics histogram in Windows version.
Added 16 bit CRC information into the encrypted file for
both versions ensuring you are notified if the data is ever
altered. Also provided more on-line help.

v1.2 NOV 91 Minor additions to maintain compatibility with the Windows
version of Encrypt-It.

v1.3 FEB 92 Expanded user messages for decryption operation. Minor
updates to other areas.

Note: We release both DOS and Windows upgrades at the same time in order
to keep them in sync. We want to ensure that you can move your
encrypted data between DOS and Windows cleanly as we improve our



Site licenses are available for Encrypt-It. Site licenses provide both
DOS and Windows versions. Use whichever version that best fits your needs.
The encrypted files are fully interchangeable between DOS and Windows.
Please contact us for the latest pricing.



We are so sure of our product's protection that we will pay you to
break it. Registered users are provided an encrypted message in the
file "PRIZE.~00." The first registered user to tell us exactly what
the entire message says will be awarded $1000. We believe in our
products and stand behind them.

Warning: Cost estimates for computer time and manpower for breaking DES
(not to mention our additional layers) are as high as $200,000,000 for
each file! But what the heck, give it a try anyway.



Shareware resellers have permission to place Encrypt-It in their catalog
provided diskettes are not sold for more than $10. We would like your
address so we can keep you updated with the latest version of our packages.
Please send us a copy of your latest catalog and your requirements for us
to be added. We will automatically update you as each new version is
released to ensure you provide only the lastest version to your customers.
Send to:

MaeDae Enterprises
5430 Murr Road
Peyton, CO 80831

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