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Find text strings in ARChive files without unpacking (Buerg).
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Find text strings in ARChive files without unpacking (Buerg).
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Contents of the ARCF.DOC file

ARCF Find Text in ARC Files Version 1.06
____________________________ Feb 17, 1988

Purpose: To search files in ARC archive files for text strings.

Format: ARCF [d:][path]filename[.ARC] [filespecs...] "text"
[/B] [/C] [/F] [/Q] [/S] [/W]

Usage: The d:path\filename and "text" parameters are required.
The drive and path are optional. The 'filename' and
'filespec' parameters may contain the wildcard characters *
and ?. All files matching the 'filespec' specification
within the 'filename' are processed.

If the 'filename' extension is omitted, the extension .ARC
is used.

The 'text' search criteria must begin and end with a
double quote character, e.g. ARCF TEST.ARC "SOMETHING".
You may include the ? character in the search text to
denote "any" character. Thus, "A?C" would produce a match
if "ABC" or "A2C" occurs in the files processed.

The optional switch (/x) characters must be the last
operands, e.g. ARCF TEST "april 1" /c/w.

Normally, you would only want to search "text" files for
strings. Text files consist of ASCII record. Each
record ends in a carriage control (CR) character. The
maximum record length is 4096 bytes. To search all
files, binary and text, use the /B option. A maximum of
80 characters is display when text is found in a record.
All control characters are changed to spaces. If /B is
used, any hi-ASCII (greater than 127) characters are
blanked out.

ARCF (c) Copyright 1987 by Vernon D. Buerg. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

ARCF Find Text in ARC Files Version 1.06
____________________________ Feb 17, 1988

Option Switches

/B - include Binary files, i.e. files with the extensions
of .EXE, .COM, .OBJ, .LIB and .BIN.
If omitted, only non-binary files are searched.

/C - case sensitive search; if omitted, the search for the
text is made regardless of the case, i.e. upper case
and lower case letters are treated the same.

/F - display the name of the file begin searched only if
the scan text is found within the file; if omitted,
the names of all files are displayed as they are

/G - supplies any encryption (garble) password, e.g.
/GPSWD would supply PSWD as the password.

/Q - suppress beeps and bells; if omitted, beeps are sent
with error messages.

/S - suppress displaying the names of the files being
processed; this includes suppressing the display
of the archive file name(s), too. When used with
/F, the only display is of the file name that
contains the search text.

/W - ignore white-space; if omitted, spaces and tabs are

ARCF Find Text in ARC Files Version 1.06
____________________________ Feb 17, 1988

Version history

1.00 - 10/8/87 - First public release.
1.03 - 10/16/87
- Improve display when control characters are involved
- Allow use of ? as wildcard in search text
1.04 - 10/23/86 - Add more binary extensions.
1.05 - 11/09/87 - Correction for files without extensions
| 1.06 - 2/17/88 - Corrections for finding text at end of lines


Written for the IBM PC using DOS 2.0, or later,

ARCF is free, but it is a copyrighted work and may be distributed only
pursuant to this license.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and disseminate ARCF so long

(1) No remuneration of any kind is received in exchange; and

(2) Distribution is without ANY modification to the contents of
ARCF.COM and all accompanying documentation and/or support
files, including the copyright notice and this license.

No copy of ARCF may be distributed without including a copy of this

Any other use is prohibited without express, written permission in

Vernon D. Buerg
456 Lakeshire Drive
Daly City, CA 94015

CompuServe: 70007,1212
Data/BBS: 415-994-2944

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