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Utility to add the mouse to any menu driven programs.
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Utility to add the mouse to any menu driven programs.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

AddMouse Version 1.0!

This file contains information for using AddMouse.exe.

If you would like to print this file, type:


at the DOS prompt.

**** General Information ****

AddMouse was developed to incorporate the mouse into menu driven
programs. AddMouse places the ASCII character that the mouse cursor
is on when the left mouse button is pressed into the keyboard buffer.

Usage: AddMouse [File Arguments]

This version of AddMouse is a prototype version and may contain bugs.
If you discover any problems with the performance of this software,
please write:

Practical Software Solutions
RR1 Box 67
Purcellville, VA 22132

Please indicate the software you are attenting to run along with
the description of the problem(s) you have found.

If you have any requirements or ideas that you would like to
mention, I will consider adding it to the next version of AddMouse.

Please register this software by sending check for $5.00 dollars,
to the address listed above. By registering your copy you will
be notified of any problem(s) or updates to AddMouse. Please use
the form listed below.

Detach and Mail to Address Listed Above

Name: ____________________________ Date: ___/___/___

Company Name: ____________________________

Street Address: __________________________

City: ____________________ State: ____ Zipcode: _______

Version of AddMouse ____

Questions or Comments: ____________________________________________




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