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XRAY is a filter program that displays text strings in binary files.
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XRAY is a filter program that displays text strings in binary files.
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Contents of the XRAY.DOC file

XRAY 1.05


XRAY is a filter program that displays text strings in binary files. It
can be used to unearth forgotten instructions and commands for utilities
and other programs. It also can be used to investigate downloaded files
for hidden "surprises."


To use XRAY, simply enter:

xray filespec

where "filespec" is the name of the binary file (optionally preceded by
drive and path). For example, to scan a file called EDITOR.EXE and
display its text strings, enter:

xray editor.exe

XRAY will find all text strings that are 5 characters long or longer.
XRAY counts white space in measuring the length of a string, so it will
find and display a string like "This is some text" even though each word
is less than 5 characters long.

To abort XRAY in the middle of a scan, press the Escape key. To make
XRAY pause without aborting, press any other key; press again to resume
the scan.

By default, XRAY sends its output to the screen. The output can be
redirected to a file or any DOS device by the standard DOS redirection
operator (">"). For example, to scan a file called COMTEST.COM and
send the output to a new file called COMTEST.TXT, enter:

xray > comtest.txt

Similarly, to send the output to a printer, enter:

xray > prn

System Requirements

XRAY requires DOS 2.x or higher and 64KB of free memory. If less than 64KB
is free, XRAY will abort with an error message.

Source Code and Distribution

XRAY is written in JPI TopSpeed Modula-2. The source code for XRAY is
included in the self-extracting archive file, XRAY11.EXE.

XRAY is a free program. You may distribute it to other people as long as
you do not charge for it and you include each of the original files in
unaltered form.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, I can be contacted
on BIX (smcintosh) and CompuServe (73510,361).

Scott McIntosh 4/11/90

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