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Allows full memory regardless of switch settings.
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Allows full memory regardless of switch settings.
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GENERAL FUNCTION: To allow you to use all the RAM you have
on your machine, independently of what the switch setting is
and the normal DOS limits.

WHY IS IT NEEDED? To overcome DOS limits.

INSTALLATION: Make MORERAM the first statement executed in your


EXAMPLES: (none)

HOW TO USE IT: If you want a fast boot, set your switches to
64K. MORERAM will detect your additional memory and make it
available. If you have more memory that DOS normally allows
you to use, this will make it accessible.

OTHER EFFECTS: Can set your switches for 64K and so get a
faster boot.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Works with DOS 1.1 and 2.x.

COMMENTS: Faster boot is gotten at expense of making a
check of memory. Risk is very small, however.


Author's documentation follows.

titlemoreram 12-16-83[12-16-83]
; MORERAM.COM - by Daniel M. O'Brien (v 1.0) 21 Dec 1983
; - freely adapted from a PC-WORLD User-to-User column program
;of the same name (object disassembled using ASMGEN) and from
;a program shown in a DR. DOBBS Journal article
;(Socha's 16 bit Toolkit) called MEMSIZE.
; This program has two (or three) purposes.
;1) Allow a PC to use more memory than is allowed via the motherboard
;memory switches (544 K bytes for the 64K motherboard and 640 K bytes
;for the newer 256K motherboard). And because of 1)...
;2) Allow faster power-up sequence by setting the motherboard memory
;switch settings to 64 K bytes installed.
;And as long as we are in the neighborhood...
;3) Patch the ROM BIOS data area to indicate that this PC has four
;floppy diskettes installed (instead of the normal two). This is for
;ram disk emulation programs that require the motherboard equipment
;options switch to be set to include the number of ram disks.
;This is most notably required by the AST RESEARCH ramdisk program
;called SUPERDRV. This code is commented out. To use it you must
;uncomment out the code and reassemble. Search for the string:
; Using MORERAM.
;First, copy MORERAM.COM to your boot device (floppy or fixed).
;Next, create or edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT file found on your
;boot device to include MORERAM as the **FIRST** program that
;will be executed. This is important as results are not guaranteed
;if MORERAM is not the first command executed at boot time.
;Next, open the covers of your PC and set the memory switches
;to indicate that your PC only has 64K.
;Now try rebooting your PC using the Alt-Ctrl-Del sequence.
;MORERAM will first display a hello banner and the amount of
;memory DOS thinks your PC has (should be 64K). Next, MORERAM
;will pause a second or two while it determines how much memory
;your PC really has. (It also clears this memory in the process
;to eliminate PARITY 2 errors later).
;Once the physical memory limit is determined, MORERAM will display
;that amount and then automatically re-boot. (Don't get excited,
;this won't loop indefinitely, because...) The next time MORERAM
;is again executed from your AUTOEXEC.BAT it will find that the amount
;of memory DOS thinks you have will be the same as that installed, and
;a reboot will be avoided!
; I use this program on my PC that has 576K (64K + 512K) worth of memory.
; Also, I have successfully tested it with 704K (64K + 512K + 128K) of memory,
; but this requires placing memory into the semi-forbidden zone (segment A000)
; designated by IBM as "reserved". But that's ok, as long as you don't install
; memory beyond this into the B000 segment where monochrome and graphics display
; memory live!
; Questions or comments should be left for me (DAN OBRIEN) on Gene Plantz'
; BBS in Chicago, IL (312-882-4227). I will attempt to fix bugs that may
; crop up, but I make no guarantees. You use this at your own risk (just like
; I do!). If you break something valuable, it's your own fault.

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