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DOS Enviroment Editor.
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DOS Enviroment Editor.
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Two years ago in the spring of 1985 I wrote the original EE.COM
which was a full screen editor for the environment area. I was
recently asked to revive it and update it for DOS 3.x. The orginal
used a sort of klutzy way of finding the environment and I have tried
to improve on that for this edition. I have also made provisions to
edit lines longer than 80 bytes. The rest of the program is vintage
code from 1985. I have recently seen programs which use .BAT files
to update the environment. EE2 is the real thing. This does it direct.

What is the environment? Its an area reserved by DOS to keep
important information such as the PATH and the COMSPEC and a bunch
of other stuff that you skipped over in the DOS manual. It is a
pain in the neck to temporarily add a path or to change the spelling
in a path you spelled wrong. You may want to change some environment
type "SET" stuff that a progam needs. DOS keeps a master copy of the
environment down near its heart which it clones for you. This program
attempts to find the master copy. After you change the master, DOS
will clone the changed environment in the future. If you have used
a "RUN" or "SYSTEM" or "SHELL" type command, you have involked a
second COMMAND.COM with its own cloned copy of the Environment. If you
change the master copy, the second command processor still has the
clone copy and doesn't know about the changes. This will expalin
why sometimes EE2.COM does not appear to work right away. This is
all very "Techie" and I don't know all the in's and outs of the
environment. The thing works for me.
I always thought this was a neat program, but it never got around.
Perhaps my strong warning against messing with the environment
scared people off. This version is pretty benign, despite the
warning. I have not gotten it to crash yet, but I have not been
trying too hard. Please report any problems.

Keith P. Graham
238 Germonds Road
W. Nyack, NY 10994

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