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Patch compressed EXE files for DOS 5.0.
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Patch compressed EXE files for DOS 5.0.
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Contents of the LOWFIX.DOC file

LOWFIX - Patches PKLITE(tm) and EXEPACK files

LOWFIX is a simple patch program for compressed executable
programs which allows many of them to run under MS-DOS 5.0 when
loading below 64K. Many programs that require the LOWFIX program
that comes with DOS 5.0 can be patched and run without LOWFIX,
thus allowing the compressed executable all memory available.

LOWFIX has patches for the following:

PKLITE Version 1.00/1.03: Patched to run in low memory.
Works for both regular and extra compressed executables.

PKLITE Version 1.05: Corrects bug, (minor ananomly) with
certain programs that don't compress properly. Many
programs that don't run when compressed, can be patched
after compressing.

EXEPACK: The majority of EXEPACKed files can be patched.
These programs are identified by the 'Packed file is
corrupt' message when run. Not all EXEPACKed files can
be patched so ALWAYS keep a backup of the original
before trying the LOWFIX. Newer packed files don't
need to be patched, and LOWFIX doesn't try to patch
them. There may be different older versions of packed
files that don't get patched correctly.


This program and accompanying documentation are provided
"as is" without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as
to the results and performance of the software is assumed
by you.

If you have any questions, you can leave e-mail to:

Steve Burg
CompuServe [71370,2321]
RelayNet or InterLink in the Compression conferences

PKLITE is a trademark of PKWARE Inc.
MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc.

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