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Small Compact RAM Disk Device Driver by Bill Parke.
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Small Compact RAM Disk Device Driver by Bill Parke.
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Contents of the RENGLE.DOC file

SCRAM - Small Compact RAM Disk

Beta version for Rick Engle, Gen5
from W.C. Parke, July, 1990

SCRAM.SYS is a RAM disk device driver with only space for 512 bytes of
and 16 file names. It takes up less than 3K of RAM when loaded.

The purpose for such a small RAM disk: To have another block device for
DOS substitute, assign, and redirection, without the cost of loosing a
significant amount of usable RAM.

Load by adding the line:


in the CONFIG.SYS file.

Technical note: If you wish to expand the size of the RAM disk, patch
the word at offset 25h in SCRAM.SYS with the number of 512 byte sectors
you wish; also change word at 3Ah to 16 times the number of sectors.
To change the number of files allowed in the directory, patch the word
at 23h to the number of files allowed; also change word at 38h to the
number of files allowed/16. After patch, reboot.

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