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Enhanced SET command, includes easy to use environment editor.
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Enhanced SET command, includes easy to use environment editor.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Enhanced SET command
Copyright (c) 1990-1991 Wayne D. Mingee All rights reserved
Archive ESET24 Program ESET v2.4 Suggested donation $10.00


This program manages DOS [and 4DOS] environment variables. It will:
-Handle the master or local [secondary] environment. It does find
them all including Wyse 3.1.
-Multiple operands per line
-Set a variable to:
System date or time
Whether under a secondary command processor
A substring of a string
-Append or Prepend a string
-Arithmetically process by:
adding a +-value
shifting the value left/right n positions
And/Xor with a value
-Change a one or all occurrences of a string to another
-Take user input from Stdin with:
Issue a prompt message
limiting time to start replying and input to certain characters
limiting length of input and terminating input when input full
-Trim leading/trailing blanks from result
-Convert to upper case
-No limit on length of variables.
-Display the environment with size, used and free totals and returns
the free amount in a variable
-Works with DOS 2.0+, 4DOS and should work in a OS/2 DOS box.

Files included:

-READ.ME You got it!
ESET.COM Executable
ESETGEN.DOC Documentation common to all the ESETx programs.
ESET.DOC Documentation only without print format controls.
License and other information is in separate files.
The maximum line width is 70 positions except
changes have a | in position 71.
ESET.QRF Quick Reference Guide
ESET.LIC License and registration information.
ESET.SAM Some example command lines.

When passing on this archive on please retain the original name
and contents.


v2.1 Initial release

v2.2 Fix problem with trim (/T) and a value of 1 space.

v2.3 Added on the fly test for keystroke (/Q).
Corrected problem with limitimg maximum length of variables.

v2.4 Was not reliably finding it's own environment variable.
On timeout was not advancing the cursor beyond the field. If using
/D one field would overlay another on the screen.

Mailing address:

Wayne D. Mingee
314 N. Main St.
Bridgewater, Va 22812

Bug reports or suggestions may be sent to the above address or
Messaages can be left at one of the following BBS.

Computer Connection 202-547-2008 Alexandria, VA

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