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ZIP utility that will zip individual files in a directory into individual ZIP archives.
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ZIP utility that will zip individual files in a directory into individual ZIP archives.
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P K _ O N E

G R E A T D O R (C)

Written by John Krytus

Sysop of

Jet-Lag Rbbs


Version 1.0


First of all, this program IS public domain. No part shall be
used to make anyone any money. And please do not change any
part of it. I wrote this utility because I needed a fast
efficient way of archiving individual files with the same
filename or extention into individual zipped files. I think it
does just that.

I hope this can be of some use to you and of course you use it
at your own risk. I did write it for myself, although I thought
it might be useful for other people using Phil Katz's great zip
archiving program.


Using pk_one is very easy. You can run it from its own directory
or copy it to the working directory. Typical usage might be to
zip all the .bas files from your Quickbasic subdirectory into
individual .zip files. The pkzip.exe file of Phil Katz's must be
where dos can find it.

Typical Commands are as follows:

C:\>pk_one *.bas archives individually all files with
.bas extention to separate zip files.

C:\>pk_one c:\look\*.* archives individually all files in
subdirectory LOOK to individual zip
files and put them in c:\

c:\look>pk_one *.dat archives individually all files with the
extention of .dat in the LOOK
subdirectory to separate zip files and
puts them in the LOOK subdirectory.

The above command sequences are just some of the variations that
might be used to zip files into individual zips.

Should you decide that this program is useful to you,
Please register your copy of PKZIP with Phil Katz. He deserves

If you find any bugs or have any questions, call or write or
better yet call my bbs.

John Krytus
1905 Tracy Road #9
Northwood, Ohio 43619
419-691-9700 voice
419-691-1125 data

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