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Track and store different "modes" using Flight Simulator 3.0.
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Track and store different “modes” using Flight Simulator 3.0.
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Contents of the FSADV.DOC file

Flight Simulator Adventures III
Version 4.0

This program was designed to help track and edit all of the
different MODES that can be created using the Microsoft Flight
Simulator III program. Since we do not write any files that can be
immediately imported by Flight Simulator, we keep a list of small
files that we call ADVENTURES which have the same name as the MODE
except for a different DOS extension.

Back in the old days, we had to enter a lot of data to fly an
adventure (Flight Simulator Adventures 2.00). Thanks to the kind
people at Microsoft, they included this feature in their new
brainchild so you can save MODES (Adventures) on-the-fly. (Pun

Some of us have more time to "play" and can now share our "set-ups"
with all of those who can only manage 10 to 20 hours a week at the
controls. (Be honest now!) The tedious job of entering all of the
data to set up an adventure is history. And, with this little doo-
dad you will know a lot about the adventure before you fly it.

If you want to keep a complete set of MODES and ADVENTURES as IFR
lessons into every possible ILS airport provided and set up
different possible weather conditions for each, you can begin
flying for a purpose.
When you share MODES with friends, you can tell them about the
adventure so they will be prepared with some idea of what to
expect. For example, general ENVIRONS data includes...

North Position
East Position
Altitude (Aloft ??? )
ILS Frequency (If available)
ILS Runway
Beacon Frequency (If available)
ATIS Frequency (If available)
Clouds & Tops
VOR #1 - Freq
VOR #2 - Freq
Hour (Time Changes)
Joystick(s) (Installed YN)
Mouse (Installed YN)
Scenery Disk Needed (Disk # & DES)

And, a full page screen editor for clever little descriptions,
educational information, flight data and conditions, weather
reports, special memos for lessons, etc.

Educational and FUN!

Maybe, if I mention some of the ways I use FSADV it will be

IFR Lessons

I have already began preparing my own set of lessons for using
avionics in navigation. I rarely see the great graphics because of
cloud layers below me and thunderstorms all around me. I have about
40 different adventures that set me up in situations that make
navigation (without avionics) very difficult. Winds aloft and on
the ground don't want me to get there from here. Radios fail at
horrible times. In other words, you don't sleep through these
I keep my flight log and point to the adventure name and track my
flight time for that specific adventure. If I have problems I will
note it in my adventure file and print it. When I get the time,
back to the grindstone and practice, practice, practice. I don't
keep fair-weather adventures anymore. Boring! If I'm going to the
trouble of floundering through the FS menus to set up a MODE, it's
gonna be useful, fun and exciting. As realistic as possible.

STUNT Flying

Of course, flying under bridges and landing on a carrier sure is
relaxing. And, for sight seeing I like to use the Lear. Makes for
nice coastal flights trimmed up on autopilot at 1600 feet.
Better watch out for Doug Van Derbur's ADVENTURES. He can really
handle the stunts and I'll just bet that some of his goodies in
MODPAK#2 will have you upside down, having fun. One of his
favorites is dive-bombing the Golden Gate from 3000 feet and
dropping full flaps to clear the 90' span in a power hungry climb
that wrings me out just watching. He even drops in on the Bird Man
of Alcatraz landing on the tiny island and, taking off successfully
only to fly upside down 90' off the water and under the Golden
Gate. Doug "Sky King" Van Derbur. Look for his MODPAKS on LINX.

TRAINING Beginners

I would love to see a complete set of private pilot flying lessons
that a beginner could enjoy. From taxiing to cross country flights
with tracking aircraft to show attitude positions in stalls,
flairs, etc. The teaching possibilities are the most promising.
This program, FLIGHT SIMULATOR, transcends being a video game if
all of the features are used. It is a marvelous program that, in
my opinion, should win the "Lifetime Achievement" award for
perfection. And, I think the new Microsoft Flight Simulator III is
a tremendous step forward for this popular program. Yeah, I griped
about the complexity of learning the menus. But, now I catalog my
adventures (MODES) so I don't have to fool with it again.

A mini-wordprocessor is included to create complete and expanded
information and description files to a maximum of 18 lines
each (if your long winded). Or, if you are including a
corresponding ground school for the preparation to flight. (Hint)
You can set up all sorts of pre-flight logs and data
sheets, save them (once) and fill in the blanks for each adventure
(or, lesson). Then you can print out your logs by the page as
needed for the flight.

For example, you can design your own Flight Plan Form and Weather
Briefing Report Form. You can save this form and just fill it out
for each scenario as you go. Then, when you come back to fly the
MODE, you will have your pre-flight ready and waiting.

"Thunderstorms - IFR - 1600 - rain 45000-8500 - shear 80-170 Wind
270 at 14 gusting to 34 - Storms Moving East at 11 - Vectored to
5000 -..., etc."

Then you can list your VOR's, checkpoints, times, headings, etc.,
print it, and then write your "actuals" next to your estimates.

NOTE: Pre 3.5a files !!!!! CAUTION !!!!

The new version DOES CONFLICT with THE OLD FILES from pre-3.5a versions.

I hope that you will take the time to send me a postcard if you are
using FSADV. The first version (1986) has been reported to be in 36
foreign countries, all 50 states and U.S. Protectorates. Through
the bulletin board I have heard from about 650 people who have used
FSADV200. I never dreamed that anyone would ever use it except Doug
and me.

For those of you who hate noisy logo's and buzzing machines as much
as I do, then you can send me $1.00 and when you log-on to LINX you
will have access to the "goodie" drawer where you can get the
latest versions of "silent" and "secret" stuff. The best of the
MODEPAKS will also be kept in the conference.

Incidently, LINX (Lincoln Institute Network eXperiment) has been
on-line since January 1, 1983. Each user gets 100 minutes on-line
every day, FREE and without any upload obligation. We have over
6,610 users from 9 foreign countries and all of the United States.
We maintain the most current and useful public domain software
available. No games...except for those who would stoop low enough
to refer to our Flight Simulator Add-Ons as "games"....Are you
listening Betty?

Will correct bugs and boo-boo's as I hear of them.
Hope you like the little doo-dad. Let me hear from you even if you
don't want to spring for the buck. I'm not in this for the money.

Joe Lincoln
(713) 440-7364
300-2400 8N1 24 Hrs

P.S. Thanks Wayne Hammerly & Tom Hanlin. Your package is a gas!

Flight Simulator is a trademark of SubLOGIC Corporation used under license by
Microsoft Corporation. (Right off the Flight Sim Box)

Copyright 1988 - Joe Lincoln - All Rights Reserved
15307 Parkville - Houston, Texas - 77068

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