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Breakout of program even if the keyboard appears to be "Locked".
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Breakout of program even if the keyboard appears to be “Locked”.
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Contents of the EBREAK.DOC file

EBREAK v1.4 - enhanced break - TLG Software

Usage: ebreak [-q]
installs ebreak, (without copyright message if -q flag set).

EBREAK is a resident program that makes the Ctrl-Break key "stronger",
so that it will even break out of tight loops which don't involve DOS

NOTE: When Ctrl-Break is hit the interrupts below 40H are all
reset to their values as of when the program was installed.
Therefore, if you are installing resident programs which grab
these interrupts they should be installed BEFORE this program.
This program uses int 09H and int 1BH.

Ctrl-Break resets the system timer to run at the normal rate,
and restores the video mode to the state it was in when EBREAK
was installed. The interrupt mask is also restored.

Copyright (c) 1986 by TLG software (O Cheyette, DB Clegg, M Golden)
This program is made freely available for use. You may make
copies of EBREAK for your own use, and you may make copies for

TLG software does not warrant that EBREAK operates as designed,
and is not liable for any damages of any kind sustained through
the use of the program.

Changes & additions:
Included ints 20 - 3F
version 1.3:
Added check to see if we are currently doing interrupt
version 1.2:
Added fake environment to give MAP information
about EBREAK's name.
version 1.1:
Added -q to command line to suppress copyright

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