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Displays clock only while at DOS command line.
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Displays clock only while at DOS command line.
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Contents of the DOSCLOCK.DOC file

DOSCLOCK 4.1 (C) Copyright 1987,89,91 Randolph Beck

DOSCLOCK version 4.1 now has options for colors and positioning.

Unlike other clock programs, this clock will disappear when programs are
run and then reappear when the program returns to the DOS command line.
The clock will be displayed in 80 column text mode only.


"?" - list help message
"12" or "24" - set 12 hour (am/pm), or 24 hour clock
"STAY" or "*" - permanent clock (forces clock to remain on)
"LEFT","CENTER","RIGHT" - set clock position on screen

- background and foreground colors

Black Blue Green Cyan
Red Magenta Brown LightGray
DarkGray LightBlue LightGreen LightCyan
LightRed LightMagenta Yellow White
--only the first 8 colors can be used in the background
--BLACK background is assumed if only one color is given

"DOSCOLORS" - use the default screen colors
"UPPER" or "LOWER" - upper or lower case for AM/PM indicators

DOSCLOCK 24 White - black background assumed
DOSCLOCK Left Cyan/LightCyan
DOSCLOCK Right DosColors

DOSCLOCK may be freely used and distributed for non-commercial purposes.

Although under no obligation, you may get on our user list by sending $10.
Registered users will receive a diskette with more programs and utilities,
including the latest version of DOSCLOCK.COM.
Please specify choice of either 5 " or 3 " diskette.

Randolph Beck
DOSCLOCK User Registration
P.O. Box 56-0487
Orlando, FL 32856-0487

CIS: 72361,753

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