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A general utilities software.
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Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
A general utilities software.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHECKBAK.COM 2617 2014 deflated
DELDIR.COM 3058 2279 deflated
GO.BAT 860 161 deflated
LISTFRAG.COM 2760 2119 deflated
MANUAL 21575 6136 deflated
NAMEDIR.COM 2873 2181 deflated
PACKDISK.COM 4736 3262 deflated
PARK.COM 372 341 deflated
README 830 435 deflated
TRANSDIR.COM 3776 2602 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Dear User

PACKDISK Version 1.3 on this diskette will remind you that it is
vulnerable to power outage or hardware malfunction and will
suggest that you exit and complete backup. This prompt will be
displayed only if PACKDISK detects at least one un-backed up
(non-system) file on your disk.

One more utility has been added to the package, CHECKBAK. It
will list all un-backed up (non-system) files in the designated
or default drive. Used at the end of a session it may remind you
of an important file worth to be backed up before you turn off
your machine. It is invoked in the same manner as LISTFRAG.

A few non-essential changes were introduced in other utilities.


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