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Logitech Mouse support for Managing Your Money.
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Logitech Mouse support for Managing Your Money.
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Download File MYM-MSV5.ZIP Here

Contents of the MYM-5.DOC file

Logitech Mouse Definition for Manage Your Money V5.0 by Andrew Tobias

Written by Stephen Hatfield, Apr 20, 1989

MYM mouse menu version 5.0


Left Button = enter

Middle Button = call pop-up menu or OVERLAY

Right Button = 'F9' Function key

CHORDS: More than 1 button on a three button mouse

Left-Middle = F1 Function key

Middle-Right = F5 Function key

Left-Right = ESCAPE key

ALL Keys = F10 Function key

By pressing the middle button at anytime will bring up the
popup menu that follows:

F1 key Home key
F2 key End key
F3 key Page up
F4 key Page down
F5 key Ins key
F6 key Del key
F7 key Escape key
F8 key Calculator
F9 key Note Pad
F10 key Enter

Hat's MYM.mnu V 5.0

Or an OVERLAY menu for one of the following screens:

F1 Utilities
F2 Reminder Pad
F3 Budget & Checkbook
F4 Income Tax Estimator
F5 Insurance Planning
F6 Financial Calculator
F7 Portfolio Manager
F8 Your Net Worth
F9 Card File
F10 Leave MYM

F1 Write Checks in Account F2 Print Checks
F3 Money Accounts
F4 Budget Catagories
F5 Cash Forcasting
F6 Loan Records
F7 Optional Features
F9 Budget Archives
F10 Exit Chapter

The file 'mym-5.mnu' can be used with version 5.x of Manage Your
Money by addnig it to your click.src and renaming it to mym.mnu

These LOGITECH 3-button mouse driver are used as follows:

1. Rename mym-xxx.mnu (use either col, mono or 5) to

2. Add mym to your click.scr as follows:

mym menu 3buttons ; Manage Your Money Version X

3. Or if you don't use the resident click simply
execute the correct version of the .mnu file
before using Manage Your Money as follows:

c:>menu mym-col

c:>menu mym-mono


c:>menu mym-5

Comment or question to:

Stephen Hatfield
118 N. Laura Anne Dr.
Sterling, Va 22170

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