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Quicker way to undo .LZH files (extract, view, and test only.).
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Quicker way to undo .LZH files (extract, view, and test only.).
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LZHE - List/Test/Extract LHARC (.LZH) Compressed Files

Copyright 1990, Sydex. All Rights Reserved.

153 North Murphy Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 739-4866 (voice)
(408) 738-2860 (FAX/Modem)


LZHE is a very short program (less than 5K) which performs the
"unpacking" functions of Mr. Haruyasu Yoshizaki's (Yoshi) LHARC
program. The following functions are implemented:

1. List the contents of a .LZH file or files.
2. Test the integrity of a .LZH file or files.
3. Extract files from a .LZH file or files.

LZHE is entirely coded in Microsoft Assembler and tends to be
about 25% faster in extracting files than LHARC. LZHE is com-
patible with LHARC version 1.13.

The general syntax of the LZHE command is:

LZHE /t /v /o /ppath archive-file-specifier file-list...

All "slash-type" parameters may be omitted; the normal operation
of LZHE is to extract all files from the specified archive files
to the current directory. "Archive-file-specifier" specifies the
drive, path and name of a .LZH-type archive file or files; am-
biguous file names are permitted. If no file name extension is
given, .LZH is assumed.

"File-list" is a list of files to be extracted, listed or tested
from the archive file(s). As many names may be specified as the
command line will allow; ambiguous names (containing "*" or "?")
may be used.

If the /t option is specified, files are extracted, but not writ-
ten, serving as a test of an archive's integrity.

If the /v option is specified, no extraction is performed; the
selected files are merely listed with their date of last modifica-
tion, archived size, original size and file attributes.

Normally, if a file to be extracted has the same name as one al-
ready existing in the target path, LZHE asks if the existing file
is to be deleted. If the existing file is to be left as is, LZHE

Copyright 1990, Sydex Page 1

skips extraction of the conflicting file. If the /o option is
specified, it is assumed that any conflicting files are to be
overwritten by extracted data--no messages are displayed.

By default, LZHE extracts files to the current drive and path.
An alternate target path can be specified with the /p option.
Observe that the path name must immediately follow the "/p"--no
intervening spaces should be inserted.

When extracting, LZHE presents a display of the following form:

Melting h:\bigdisk\BIGDISK.LZH...

BIGD.DOC 23-Mar-1990 13:05:24 5,163 2,040 ---A OK
BIGD.SYS 15-Mar-1990 08:51:10 4,029 2,519 ---A OK

All Done.

File attributes are given as follows:

R - Read-only
H - Hidden
S - System
A - Archive

Here are some examples of LZHE commands:

LZHE /t c:\bbs\*.lzh

Tests all archives in the c:\bbs subdirectory.

LZHE /v e:\release\*.lzh *.com *.exe

Lists all .COM and .EXE-type files in all archives in the
e:\release subdirectory.

LZHE /o /pc:\tmp f:book

Extracts all files from the archive F:BOOK.LZH and writes
them in the c:\tmp subdirectory. If a file conflict arises,
the extracted data is written over existing data.

By the way, we didn't invent the term "melting", Yoshi did; we
use it for compatibility's sake. For "melting" read "extracting"
or "unpacking".

Copyright 1990, Sydex Page 2


Sydex hereby grants a license for personal, non-commercial use of
LZHE. LZHE and its documentation may be freely copied and dis-
tributed and may not be sold, nor a fee charged for its use or
distribution. Sydex reserves the right to withdraw this license
at any time without notice. License to LZHE is provided by Sydex
on the condition that LZHE or its documentation is not altered,
modified, reduced, enhanced, augmented, or changed in any way
without the express written permission of Sydex.

Sydex provides LZHE for use "as-is". By using LZHE, you accept
the terms of this license and assume responsibility for any
damages arising from its use. Sydex does not warrant LZHE for
merchantability, performance or fitness for purpose. Sydex will
not be held responsible or indemnified for damages either direct
or incidental arising from the use or attempted use of LZHE.

If you have any questions, please contact Sydex at the above ad-

Copyright 1990, Sydex Page 3

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